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Welcome to WITH HEROES – IDLE RPG Tier List. We’ve created this tier list guide for you if you need help deciding which heroes to reroll for or if you’re just starting out. We’ve received help from other veteran players to create this reliable tier list.

Tier List Intro

WITH HEROES – IDLE RPG features many mythical, historical, and even fairy tale heroes and characters. While this tier list is aimed at providing you with the best evaluations of each hero, keep in mind that the game is pretty casual and offers a simple auto-play system that will consume the majority of your time. Growing your characters and finding the best equipment is what really matters in WITH HEROES – IDLE RPG.

We evaluate each hero based on how they perform in Quests, Dungeons, Portal Battles, and Colosseum. Other situational evaluations like Guild Wars or Guild Boss fights are also accounted for but contribute very little to the actual evaluation.


There are a total of 4 tiers: B, A, S, and SS Tier. We add a comment (like this) if we have something to say about the particular hero in the tier list.

SS Tier

Heroes in this tier can dish out a lot of damage, tank, or heal really well. They are often considered centerpieces in teams that are built around types such as Freeze, Shock, etc.

  • Alexander (One of the best tanks from Mystery tier)
  • Poseidon (Probably the best freeze hero)
  • Zeus (Really good shock damage dealer)
  • Zhugeliang (Essential in shock teams)
  • King Arthur (Near impossible to kill this tanking hero)

S Tier

These heroes are almost SS Tier but they get held back by weaker stats or inferior abilities. They are still very good heroes to own and invest your time in.

  • Nightingale (Helps a lot if you use when starting out without any other healer)
  • Robinhood (An excellent damage dealer, especially for a Silence type)
  • Gawain (A superb ranger hero)
  • Gumiho (Can self-resurrect and has huge crit chance)
  • Ramkhamhaeng (Really important to have in Freeze teams)
  • Rasputin (Has built-in survivability from self-healing)
  • Medusa (Really good support hero that can heal and reduce damage)
  • Valkyrie
  • Tsukuyomi
  • Jachungbi
  • Seth
  • Siegfried
  • Michael
  • Cleopatra VII
  • Huangdi
  • Freyja
  • Cthulhu
  • Barbatos
  • Ivan

A Tier

These are very decent heroes that can still pull their weight in harder stages of Story Mode. They can’t really be considered for PvP since there are more competitive choices out there. Sometimes, players do discover some A tier heroes are good in PvP so it’s always possible they are just undervalued.

  • Asura (Works really well in Burn team)
  • Jester (Good at keeping back row heroes silenced)
  • Witch (Another great option to use in Shock teams)
  • Ifrit
  • Jackolantern
  • Napoleon
  • Sinbad
  • Zombie
  • Dartagnan
  • Bathory
  • GuanYu
  • Solomon
  • Billy the Kid
  • Rapunzel
  • Lodbrok
  • Lilith
  • Nero
  • Dracula
  • Werewolf
  • Honggildong
  • HasanSabbah
  • Sedna
  • Gilgamesh
  • Thor
  • Enkidu
  • Musashi
  • Fungbeak
  • Dulachan
  • Scheherazade
  • Geronimo
  • Fabre
  • Leonidas
  • Ghost
  • Nostrodamus
  • Paracelsus
  • Martin Luther
  • Tutankhamen
  • Genghis Khan
  • Andersen     

B Tier

If you can’t get a tank, healer, or even a damage dealer – you might want to invest resources in some of these heroes but try not to build a complete team of B tier heroes.

  • Abenoseimei
  • Chiron
  • SunWukong
  • Golem
  • Shaka
  • Merrow
  • Pocahontas
  • Bigfoot
  • Frankenstein
  • Vidocq
  • Queen Sheba
  • Atlachnacha
  • Lapu Lapu
  • King Sejong
  • Quetzalcoatl
  • Gwanggaeto
  • Ironfan Princess
  • Magellan
  • Minotauros
  • Marionette
  • Richard
  • Copernicus


This is the end of the tier list. If you want to read an updated WITH HEROES – IDLE RPG Tier List, make sure to bookmark this page and come back – we update our tier lists weekly.

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