Upcoming Gacha Games, Summer 2020 (Global)

by Gacha Gamer

Get ready to get busy this summer because you’ll get to play all these upcoming gacha games. We have created a confirmed list of summer gacha games that will be released globally in summer, 2020. We also included pre-registration links for each of them, so you can be ready to join them as soon as possible.


May is almost over but the publisher of ZENONZARD has promised us to deliver their game by the end of May, so here’s hoping they stick to their schedule!

iOS Pre-registration TBA (Not Available yet)

Android Pre-registration

romancing saga re universe mobile game

Romancing SaGa Re;universe

This soon to be released adventure RPG features events 300 years after Romancing SaGa 3 and includes an original story of its own. This game has received very positive feedback from Japan with almost over 20 million downloads. This free-to-play RPG has a collection of unique characters that you can pull from gacha and features distinct gameplay from other gacha games. The game is expected to be released by June 23rd.

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iOS Pre-registration

Android Pre-registration

Tales of Crestoria

This tales game series is expected to be released on June 30th. If you want to find out more about it, then

Read our article here about Tales of Crestoria

iOS Pre-registration

Android Pre-registration

sinoalice global


SINoALICE has seen some rough times because the game’s release date had been pushed back several times but we’re finally getting a confirmation from the developers and the mastermind Yoko Toro himself that we should be expecting this game to be released on July 1st. Meanwhile, take your time and make sure to

Read this FAQ to get prepared for the game

iOS Pre-registration

Android Pre-registration

These are all the games that have been fully confirmed and expected to be released during the Summer of 2020. Get ready to feel the heat of the gacha games!

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