Top 10 Games Like Summoners War (2020)

by Gacha Gamer

Looking for more gacha games like Summoners War? Check out this list we’ve prepared for all the mobile games like Summoners War.

In this list, we take a look at the top 10 mobile games that we consider to be good alternatives to Summoners War. It’s undeniable that Summoners War is one of the most legendary hero collector games in the market but it never hurts to explore other options too!

Calibria: Crystal Guardians

games like summoners war

Calibria has been once touted by some of the players as the Summoners War killer. Whether this is true or not is hard to say but there’s definitely a lot of things that Calibria aims to deliver. One of them being better summoning rates and the auto-farming feature.

One of the key aspects that makes Calibria truly worth checking out is that you can customize each monster’s or hero’s skills. You can swap the skills in and out and decide on how you want to test and play with your collected creatures.

There are definitely a lot of similarities between Calibria Crystal Guardians and Summoners War and its clear that Calibria has taken a lot of inspiration maybe even too much from the granddaddy of hero collector games.

Some mobile games would limit themselves by just copying certain elements of Summoners War but Calibria doesn’t shy away from implementing more than just a few and this is why we believe that this game is probably the most similar Summoners War experience you can currently find.

If you’re new to Summoners War and feel daunted by the number of things it has to offer then check out Calibria Crystal Guardians since its still a relatively new game. And it’s also worth checking out even for the veterans who are looking for a fresh start with a title that focuses on going back to basics in-hero collector genre.

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians

games like summoners war

Also known as Might and Magic – Battle RPG 2020

Ubisoft seems to believe in the hero collector genre because this is not the first of their ventures into the mobile gacha games market. Enter Might and Magic Elemental Guardians – featuring playful graphics and a lot of similarities that you can find in games like Summoners War.

There’s not much to say about Elemental Guardians aside from the fact that if you have been already playing Summoners War then its most likely worth checking out just to see if you will find the gameplay loop and graphics more enjoyable than Summoners War.

It certainly feels more streamlined and you will find a good number of activities to complete each day. One of the more quirky perks of Elemental Guardians is that you can turn on the Augmented Reality. Overall, we recommend checking out Might and Magic Elemental Guardians just for the fact that it’s heavily inspired by Summoners War and some of you who enjoy familiar mechanics could find this to be a good alternative game. 

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac

saint seiya awakening

Also known as Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac – this game is brimming full of 90s nostalgia with its music and art style. And that’s because Saint Seiya has been around for almost 4 decades now since one of the first anime adaptations aired in 1986.

Aside from this short history lesson, Saint Seiya’s Awakening features colorful graphics of majestic galaxy knights duking out. Combat is pretty straight forward where you use your hero skills which all share a common energy system so you will need to decide how to distribute this energy because you won’t be able to activate everyone’s skill.

There’s a ton of content in this game, that includes a good number of daily mini-games as well as some more serious modes such as Galactic Duels where participating in them you can earn some powerful rewards.

Since this Saint Seiya game is based primarily on the Netflix adaptation you can also enjoy the storyline if you haven’t seen the show already.

Exos Heroes

exos heroes

Exos Heroes got released only a few months ago and it’s already climbing the mobile gaming charts. Become a captain of an airship and explore various worlds full of wonder and mystery. What makes Exos Heroes stand out from the other games in this list is that it features the character’s alternate reality versions. For example, there’s a muscular man who exists as a petite girl in another dimension. You don’t see this everyday in games like Summoners War.

And not only that – there are loads of different game modes and strategies worth exploring. Equipment plays an especially important role in your progression and there’s lots of cool weapons and armor to collect that feature different bonuses which can be more than just your typical stat increases.

The combat itself is turn-based mixed with puzzle solving. Each enemy has a guardian stone and if you break all of them – you can unleash a devastating attack. You won’t get stuck using the same heroes for a long time because you will need to experiment and clear all missions by using different hero combinations.

The last interesting note about Exos Heroes is that it will gather resources for you once you go offline. So you can always expect to get greeted with rewards once you’re back and ready to play!

Age of Magic

age of magic

If you’re looking for a game that features awesome graphics – look no further because Age of Magic has got you covered. Walk the two paths of good and evil as you explore the lands inhabited by the undead, demons, dwarves, and more.

Age of Magic turn-based combat is quite intriguing as you will soon learn that your hero abilities strength depends on certain triggers that can increase their potential by tenfold. For example, there’s an assassin that becomes stronger if someone else from the team creates a demon mark for them.

Even though you unlock new heroes by collecting their pieces first, each hero belongs to a certain faction that you can pursue by purchasing faction chests which can narrow down your pursuit for acquiring the heroes that you want the most.

There are also lots of activities outside of the two-story modes – one of them being the weekly tournament cup where you can fight for gaining more premium currency.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

lego legacy heroes unboxed

LEGO just never ceases to amaze at how charming its world & characters are. Those who have seen the LEGO movies or have played any of the dozens of its gaming titles will know how easy it is to get sucked into the majestic world of bricks.

This time around, you will fight in this hero collector game to restore various constructions to their former glory. You will meet characters such as LEGO Gandalf who will guide you on your adventure.

Every LEGO hero you collect in this game feels very polished due to their entertaining animations. There’s also licensed music in the game that features some catchy pop songs. The overall product feels like a solid hero collector game that is definitely worth checking for anyone who is a fan of LEGO.

MARVEL Strike Force – Squad RPG

marvel strike force

There are almost a dozen different Marvel games you can find on your App Store but Marvel Strike Force has shown that it’s one of the top Marvel games because of how much revenue it keeps generating every month from its passionate player base.

It’s almost impossible for anyone who watches movies not to have seen at least 1 Marvel movie and the superhero genre is only growing stronger by each year. Almost everyone at this point should have a favorite superhero that they admire – so why not collect them and fight your enemies in this Marvel’s hero collector game?

Even though Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based combat game, the amount of cinematic camera angles and superheroic abilities gives you plenty of entertainment alone. There are hundreds of different superheroes you can collect and spend your time with.

Over the years, Marvel Strike Force has polished its core gameplay and the developers have been listening to player feedback to keep delivering an ever-improving gaming experience. This is a very good choice if you’re looking for games like Summoners War.

Epic Seven

epic seven

Epic Seven has set the gold standard for 2d animations and you can easily see why when every character’s ultimate is a jaw-dropping cinematic performance. Not only is it one of the most beautiful games in the mobile gaming market but it also features tons of different & challenging content.

One of the cooler things about Epic Seven is that it features a fleshed-out story and interesting characters. You won’t be able to just power through the missions and instead sometimes will need to stop and think about your strategy before you engage the enemy.

But probably one of the most impressive things about Epic Seven is that even the lowest rarity characters can become powerhouses. This is the perfect game for those who enjoy building teams with free to play characters.

Over the past year, Epic Seven has received lots of quality of life improvement which has made the game more accessible to both new and veteran players alike. Although there’s tons of content out there to pursue, just clearing the story mode is fun enough on its own.


heir of light

Heir of Light is one of our more exotic recommendations in this list since it doesn’t really have turn-based combat nor generic fantasy artwork. But what it does offer is awesome character models, interesting combat, and a dark, gothic fantasy theme.

There are still some inspirations taken from Summoners War that are clearly seen in the game but its entirely on its own level when it comes to character design. Even if you won’t appreciate the models, you will find that the skills and combat are entertaining enough to at least give the game a try.

When it first launched, Heir of Light struggled to find its core audience and it had a myriad of bugs and other problems. But the developers have been hard at work and the game is now quite polished not to mention also free to play friendly.

Monster Super League

monster super league

This is a game that’s best described as Pokemon meets Summoners War. You will find similar mechanics such as elemental weaknesses and leadership skills in Monster Super League.

What’s more unique about this game is that not only can you summon new creatures but you can capture them in combat as well. And for some of you collectors out there this might sound interesting – a lot of the creatures have their Rare or even Legendary variants which have a random chance of showing up during your regular grinding sessions. Talk about the excitement of finding super rare monsters in the wild.

Monster Super League is already a couple of years old which means there’s a ton of content out there but just like Summoners War – you will be grinding a lot, especially if you will want to evolve your rarest monsters. That’s right – monsters can also evolve in this game.

All in all, if you’re looking for a knock-off Pokemon game that features hundreds of adorable monsters you can collect and summon for that also has some of the features from games like Summoners War – look no further than Monster Super League.

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