Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Tier List – Best Heroes and Villains

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Welcome to Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Tier List where we showcase the best heroes and villains in this guide.


Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a newly released Action RPG by Ubisoft that features 5v5 free-to-play battles in which you can assemble your team of heroes and villains. Players can recruit famous characters from series such as Rainbow Six, The Division, Splinter Cell, etc. where they can then train these characters, upgrade their squad abilities and equip with all sorts of awesome weapons.

The PvP battles you will be fighting at are featured from various other Splinter Cell series games so expect to return to fan-favorite locations and slay your enemies. There is also a campaign set to stop plans of the evil Umbra organization, as well as Arena mode and Territory Wars.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Tier List Overview

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad tier list, we will evaluate all the characters that are 4 stars and above. Most of the characters under 3 stars are still very good but the characters which start from 4 stars and above usually offer something more unique than the rest of the heroes and villains.

There various sub-factions in the game but there are two main factions: Heroes and Villains. Every character can belong to one of the following classes:

  • Enforcer
  • Guardian
  • Pointman
  • Striker
  • Support
  • Technician

There are general roles that some characters could be good at. For example, Twitch is a 3-star hero that is considered to have the role of Specialist but at the same time, she also belongs to the Technician class.

When we’re evaluating each character, please keep in mind we base our estimations of performance based on these data points:

  • Effectiveness of abilities (active and passive)
  • Weapons
  • Performance in Territory Wars
  • Performance in Arena
  • How well can character perform without depending on other team members

There are a total of 4 ties in this Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Tier List guide: B (average), A (good), S (great), SS (excellent)

SS Tier

Heroes and Villains in this tier are very good at what they do, basically, they are the leaders of their roles and classes.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Tier List


Very powerful Sentry skill that allows you to suppress oncoming enemies. Very tanky character.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Tier List


Super good Sync Shot allows you to finish off the remaining enemies which can be a decisive factor in winning your battles.

tom clancy sam fisher elite squad

Sam Fisher

Mr. Fisher himself appears as the fearless leader of the Striker class. Any enemy with HP below 35% are subject to a quick execution from this scary dude. 

El Sueño

The de facto leader of all Guardians in the game. He is an annoying threat to deal with since his Taunt is so damn good.

S Tier

Aspiring heroes and villains that could become SS Tier if they receive more buffs in the future from the developers or another player discovers new use and compositions for these characters.



El Cardenal

Anna Grímsdóttir

Massoud Ibn-Yussif

A Tier

Good to have in any team composition, just don’t get too many of A tiers.

Faye Lau




B Tier

Average and only should be used as the worst-case scenario, meaning, if you were unlucky and pulled these characters instead of the other ones in this Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Tier List.




There are a lot of different characters in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad and the majority of the time, you will be starting out with characters that are two stars and above since you can’t obtain that many 4+ star characters at the beginning.

Keep in mind that this is an entirely subjective Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Tier List and if you’re looking for more help or want to understand something, make sure to check out our other guides. We have a Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Beginner’s Guide coming up in the next few hours.

You can follow more news and updates by checking out the official Twitter handle by Ubisoft.

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