Tales of Crestoria Tier List: Best SSR In ToC

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Welcome to Tales of Crestoria Tier List guide where we review the whole unit list of characters and determine which are the best SSR in Tales of Crestoria.


Updated: Added Veigue and Kanonno E. [Summer Holiday] to the Tales of Crestoria Tier List.

Tales of Crestoria is a mobile turn-based hero collector game that is based on the popular “Tales of” series. This is a unique Tales of game that features its own cast of original characters along with many other recognizable previous installment characters.

In order to fully understand this tier list, we highly recommend reading the following overview section to understand how we decide which Tales of Crestoria SSR units are the best.

Tales of Crestoria Important Mechanics

Tales of Crestoria features a gacha system where you will “summon” Memoria Stones. These Memoria Stones sometimes will also have a character inside of them, which means you can acquire either a Memoria Stone or a Memoria Stone together with a character.

You use Memoria Stones to boost your characters in the team. You can equip these Memoria Stones on units directly and also insert them into Sub Stone Grid which will grant stat increases to everyone.

Each character and Memoria Stone can be awakened up to 5 times. You can unlock the Awakened Passive by Awakening the character with its duplicate memory stones. You can acquire these duplicates from performing more summons or by purchasing universal Rainbow Shards which only refresh once per month.

Tales of Crestoria Tier List

Please use this tier with the following disclaimer: the data and evaluations are based on the open beta testing and consultation we’ve received from the veterans of the game. Because Tales of Crestoria features different elemental raids, each character has its use and you will need to focus on building a team of each element (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark) in order to progress in the game.

There’s also PvP that features Arena mode. Most importantly, heavy emphasis is placed on synergy because you get better bonuses from both Sub Stone Grid and Character Awakening bonuses when using the same element and weapon.

To sum it up, we base these evaluations on these 3 criteria:

  • How well does the character perform in raids
  • How strong it is in PvP
  • How well does it synergize with other characters (same element and weapon)

We will be using B, A, S, and SS tiers to determine the viability of the unit in this Tales of Crestoria Tier List guide.

Please note: due to developers adding 6 New SSR into the game before launch, we are not able to evaluate them until we get to test them out after the launch. Make sure to bookmark us and come back regularly for an updated tier list.

SS Tier

tales of crestoria velvet


The main protagonist from Tales of Berseria. She is the master of martial arts and has one of the hardest hitting Mystic Artes in the game with a whopping 450% damage. Her awakened passive grants two bonuses: one of which grants all characters to receive 10% increased attack.

The other passive boosts martial arts attacks by 20% after reaching 20 hit count. Her only drawback currently is the low hit count her arts produce. But she still one of the most amazing damage dealers and probably the best characters to use in Water raids.

tales of crestoria best ssr


Leon doesn’t mess around when it comes to showing off his mystic art – it’s a 29 hit combo that can leave the enemy with a cursed status. Only Yuri beats his mystic arts hit count. However, Leon’s Master Swordsman passive grants a 10% increased attack for all and a massive 20% increase for dual-type attackers, after achieving 20 hit combo.

Most importantly he is a Dark element character which means he only takes more damage from Light characters but can deliver normal damage to the rest of the elements except Light, which obviously, will take more damage. He is also the best character to have in a Light raid.


What makes Sorey really stand out from the rest is the Bolt Tempest mystic art. While it deals decent 320% damage 8 hit attack, the chance of applying Wildfire is what counts the most. Every time someone with Wildfire gets attacked, a portion of damage gets transferred to every single team member of that target.

This is an especially deadly debuff in PvP because as per our records, only Earth and Light element characters can mitigate wildfire with some Memoria stones while the rest of the characters are at the mercy of receiving this debuff.

tales of crestoria tier list


The main protagonist of Tales of Destiny, he brings with him an impressive 6% attack bonus and a 4% chance to reset fire arts when he gets fully awakened. He is one of the building blocks for utilizing sword character teams in PvP. His mystic art is also quite decent, costing only 180 Over Load and dealing 360% damage. His 2nd art can also leave enemies burning. Overall, he has really strong stats.

tales of crestoria luke


Luke has an amazing, low-cost mystic art that delivers 25 hit counts. His 1st art also can damage up to two adjacent enemies with a nice 8 hit count. Overall, he has decent stats, works really well in sword-based PvP teams that focus on sword characters and his 20% HP increase bonus for Fire members is a nice awakening bonus.

S Tier

tales of crestoria veigue


This hot summer boy loves to deal loads of hits and has a powerful awakened passive – longsword allies, including himself, have a 5% chance to reset their artes cooldown. What’s also cool (get it?) about Veigue is that his Mystic Arte targets all enemies, although, it does have a high Over Load cost and only deals 150% DMG.


Ludger is an expert when it comes to debuffing your enemies. What really makes him strong in this tier list is his awakened bonus – granting 10% ATK to All and 13% to Dark allies, meaning he can boost Dark allies by up to 23% ATK. This makes Leon and Ludger the perfect starting pair for anyone who wants to build a strong Dark team.


Jude has a nice self buff to increase his own damage output. What makes him really strong are his artes – all of them deal very good damage and produce nice amount of hits. Most importantly – it only costs 130 Over Load to activate his Mystic Arte making him one of the fastest Mystic Arte users.


Rita has one of the hardest hitting Mystic Artes in the game. Not only that but combining with her own Memoria Stone produces beastly damage after BREAKING the boss since critical damage is guaranteed. She is a very good water element caster.


Cress doesn’t shy away when it comes to racking up hit counts – his mystic art deal 310% damage and produces 16 hits. And his second art – Phoenix Dance, produces 12 hits but more importantly, it may inflict burn status on enemies which increases damage dealt with them. Cress is also superb in Wind raids.



This cheerful fellow is quite dangerous when it comes to his awakened passive which allows any fire art to reset its cooldown with a 5% chance. His mystic art – Burning Phoenix also deals 380% damage and overall, his damage output is quite impressive. Not to mention he is a Fire element character which is one of the easiest elements to build early on when starting out.



Chronos is one of the few characters that can attack more than 1 enemy. His first art can attack 1 enemy and one of its left or right neighbors while his mystic art will deal damage to every single enemy. However, most of these attacks are rather weak, as it should be for AoE attacks. He does have an interesting awakened effect where team members can regenerate 8% of their after each wave of enemies and he gives a decent 8% attack increase, although only to Light element characters.

vicious tales of crestoria


One of the original new protagonists from Tales of Crestoria. This dashing fellow is an expert when it comes to combo attacks – with an average of 12.5 hits per each art and basic attack, he might just play the central part of building up the hit counter. Not to mention he is of a dark element, so he can be utilized in more than just single element teams in different types of content. He also provides a decent 15% HP bonus to all characters, when fully awakened.


Yuri is the king of hit counts because of his mystic art in the game – 38 HITS! Not only that but his both art skills also deal decent damage and produce a good number of hits. He is a quite good combo creator. What’s even more interesting is that Yuri’s awakened passive bonus has a chance of clearing certain debuffs which makes him an interesting choice for those who are looking for a support combo hitter.

A Tier

tales of crestoria kanonno e summer

Kanonno E. [Summer Holiday]

This variation of summer Kanonno is rather interesting – she is yet another one of those characters that is a hybrid healer/attacker but she brings with her a pretty cheap Mystic Arte attack that hits all enemies, deals decent 150% damage and has low Over Load cost. Her awakening passive is also pretty good, giving 7% ATK to all allies and 10% DEF to wind allies.

tales of crestoria estelle


Estelle at least knows her true purpose – to be the healer of the group, unlike some other characters who stick with a hybrid build of attacking and healing. What’s also special about her is that she has one of the highest HP stats in the game. She is truly annoying to deal with in PvP since her AoE heal is extremely potent and can restore half the health of whole team. In PvE, she’s not so desirable since attack is still king.


Kohaku works really well with Velvet and other martial arts characters. What’s also really good about her is that her healing arte can remove physical debuffs. Most importantly – her Mystic Arte only costs 160 OL to activate and deals very decent damage and produces 20 hits. So she’s a rather nice character to have for support and increasing hit counter.



Kanata has a strong arts attack that targets all enemies and produces a decent amount of hits. He is quite versatile because he is of Light element and his awakened passive grants a sizeable 15% attack increase for all characters. His mystic art also deals 380% damage. The biggest drawback is the fact that there aren’t that many longsword users and then you are missing out on the same weapon and element bonus when building your team.

Kanonno Earhart

She boasts pretty awesome stats Both of her arts generate 7 and 10 hit counts and her mystic art overload cost is pretty cheap with a 10 hit count which makes her a pretty good combo attacker. She also grants 10% increased to attack to characters after awakening her and her second effect recovers 15% of HP to longsword users after BREAKING an enemy’s attack. She one of the best characters to use in Fire raids.


Milla can use art that applies Debilitate debuff on enemies which increases damage received. This art also has a short cooldown which makes it possible to keep Debilitate active at all times. There aren’t that many Light characters in the game so she is quite useful for when you want to build a team that’s more fit for all content. She does seem to be fragile because of her low HP and defense.

asbel ssr


One of many sword characters that differentiate itself from others with his first art skill which can improve his offensive capabilities. He is also quite good for when it comes to building fire raid teams, since his awakened bonus grants 20% increased attack for all water allies, after reaching 20 hit combo.

B Tier


Although Lloyd has a strong but expensive Mystic Arte, nothing else makes him that great. He has below average attack and serves the purpose of giving 20% DEF to earth allies once awakened. He has a very niche use until players will start building mono element teams.



Aegis lives up to his name and focuses on providing up to 25% defense for his water teammates when fully awakened. His damage output isn’t that amazing and the meta from beta testing in Tales of Crestoria was to focus on maximizing damage output.

misella ssr


She is the perfect choice for somebody who’s looking for a supportive character. Her awakened passive grants 15% DEF increase to all characters and her 1st art can heal up to 45% Hp for a single ally. She can also Burn enemies with her 2nd art to provide that extra debuff support. Overall, she is a decent fire element choice for those who will struggle with survivability.


As you can see, there are lots of different viable strategies that each character brings and we’ve made this Tales of Crestoria tier list so you can determine for yourself which SSR characters are the best so you can decide for yourself how you want to invest your resources in them.

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