Tales of Crestoria Reroll Guide: Top SSR To Reroll In ToC

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In this Tales of Crestoria Reroll Guide, we will show you all the steps required to perform a fast reroll and which characters to reroll for. We will also show you which select summon units are the best.

The newly released Tales of Crestoria is a hero-collector gacha game that features characters from various “Tales of” series. It has been released on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Like in many other mobile gacha games, you are able to reroll for the best SSR so you can start the game strong.

Tales of Crestoria Reroll Guide

The reroll process is quite simple in Tales of Crestoria but in addition to receiving freebies to do multiple summons, you will also be able to first choose a starter unit from a Select Summon pool. The official Tales of Crestoria tweet shows that you will get a lot to choose from.

Tutorial Select Summon Best SSR Choices

tales of crestoria how to reroll

There will be a total of 17 SSR and 32 SR Memoria Stones (or characters) to choose from. We highly recommend you to choose only from the SSR characters because obtaining SR from summoning is easier than SSR.

Here are the SSRs you will get to choose from:

  • Jude
  • Milla
  • Ludger
  • Rita
  • Kohaku
  • Kanonno E.
  • Asbel
  • Llloyd
  • Luke
  • Yuri
  • Estelle
  • Cress
  • Stahn
  • Leon
  • Reid

We have highlighted which Tales of Crestoria Best SSR from select summon are. Please note, that the original cast of 4 characters which are Kanata, Vicious, Misella, and Aegis are not available from the Select Summon.

How To Reroll In Tales of Crestoria

tales of crestoria reroll guide

Luckily, rerolling in Tales of Crestoria is very quick. Here are the steps you will need to do in order to perform full reroll:

  1. Watch opening scene (you can skip it)
  2. Fight against Cress tutorial mission
  3. Choose from SSR/SR from Select Summon (only choose SSR for best results)
  4. Party explanation tutorial (how the team works)
  5. Navigate to the in-game mailbox to redeem all pre-registration gifts
  6. Use these rewards in the gacha and aim for 2-3 SSR from summoning
  7. If not happy with results, close application.
  8. ANDROID: Clear Data of the app from Settings.
  9. iOS: Delete and re-download Tales of Crestoria.
  10. Repeat from the first step again.

What SSR You Should Reroll For In Tales of Crestoria

Best goal would be to reroll for single element SSR team, the easiest being Fire because there are so many of them. If you want to PvP, try to obtain Cress, Stahn, Luke and Reid as they are really good as a sword team that buff each other and deal insane damage. You could also try to obtain Vicious, Leon, Kanata, and/or Milla as your Light/Dark characters since they are more versatile because of their elemental advantages.

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