StoneAge World Tier List of Best Pets

by Gacha Gamer

Welcome to StoneAge World Pets Tier List guide where we will share with you all the best pets in this article. In this StoneAge World tier list, we cover all the pets and the tips you need to understand how to follow this guide.

StoneAge World Pets Tier List Overview

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There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to StoneAge World pets. First of all – they are used for combat in team battles and that means when pets fight against each other you need to include various different calculations in order to estimate which is the best pet in StoneAge World.

Since this is an MMO mobile gacha game with pet collecting and battling, a major focus is put on the pets in StoneAge World. There are more than 260 pets available in the game right now and capturing them will take a lot of time, so instead of collecting all of them, focus only on getting the best pets first.

Pets Elemental Leverage System

Because there is an elemental leverage system in StoneAge World, you will need to capture different element pets. There are 4 elements: Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire. We recommend getting at least 3 to 4 pets from each element. This means, even if the pet is in the lower tier, if you don’t have enough pets from that element, you will need to utilize your weaker element pets until you capture stronger ones.

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Another thing you must consider is the pet behavior that gets assigned randomly the moment you catch the pet. This means, when you look at this tier list, you need to understand why the pet is so high in the tier list. Which means you will need to understand how pet behaviors work.

StoneAge World Best Pet Behaviors

After you catch a new pet, it will have one of 10 random behaviors, which can be:

  • Brave (ATK Up)
  • Composed (HP Up)
  • Agile (AGI Up)
  • Fiery (Crit % Up)
  • Kind (Healing Up)
  • Sinister (Abnormal Gain Up)
  • Merciless (Counter % Up)
  • Noble (Abnormal Resistance Up)
  • Gloomy (Reflect % Up)
  • Reliable (DEF Up)

You will want to catch pets with either Brave, Agile, or Fiery behaviors. The rest of the behaviors are sort of useless unless used against very specific opposing teams. When we evaluate each pet in the tier list, we only use the 3 of 10 behaviors to determine their strength.

StoneAge World Best Pets

Now if you asked what are some of the StoneAge World best pets, without a tier list, we would say by default Kakibot, Nordor, Kingor, and Angelcui are pretty decent. But those are usually for people who are just starting out. You will still need to acquire enough of the pets from this StoneAge World tier list if you want to build a strong team.

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StoneAge World Tier List of Pets

In this StoneAge World pets tier list, we will be using 4 tiers – B, A, S, and SS. We believe every pet deserves a chance so we don’t use any lower tiers. And as always, we’ve created this tier list based purely on our opinion and the consultation we’ve received from other veteran players.

SS Tier

Pets in SS Tier are awesome mainly for being strong attackers and even sometimes good supporters. When looking at these, remember about the behaviors we mentioned and the important role it plays. Min-maxing is very important in StoneAge World so make sure to acquire the best pet from this SS tier with the best behaviors.

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S Tier

In the S tier, a lot of the pets are almost SS tier but are usually held back by their stats or skills. Still, they are extremely important for building solid team combos and you won’t be able to obtain all SS tier pets easily, especially because you need pets from all 4 elements.

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A Tier

Pets in this tier are still very good but lack those good skills and stats SS or S tier pets have. You should use a few of these pets in your main team until you acquire higher tier pets.

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B Tier

If you have no other pets for when you’re building different elemental teams, use these pets as last resort but don’t invest too much time and resources into them. However, we have been wrong in the past and because there are so many crazy team combos in StoneAge World, it’s quite possible some of these pets could be at a higher tier.

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stone age world tier list

In this StoneAge World pet guide tier list, we’ve reviewed not only the best pets but also what tips you need to follow in order to have a strong team. First of all – make sure to build multiple different elemental teams and then make sure to catch pets that have the best behaviors. Finally, a lot of the SS and S tier pets in this StoneAge World Tier list could be impossible to get fast, so make sure to use both A and B tier pets to achieve the best results.

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