Square Enix opens up pre-registrations for their new game Engage Souls

by Gacha Gamer

Square Enix recently announced that the pre-registration is now live for their brand new mobile game, Engage Souls (エンゲージソウルズ).

If you ever played Rock, Paper, Scissors (literally) then Engage Souls is basically that but with gorgeous RPG style characters that you can collect as cards.

There isn’t much about the game yet but it appears that the combat works so that the one who wins the Rock, Paper, Scissors is the first to attack their opponent.

The publisher has also shared some new exciting details about the game via Twitter:

The pre-registration is only open for the Japan release. By pre-registering, you will earn a huge amount of premium currency gems and gacha summoning tickets, once the game releases.

Pre-registration Link (for Japan release)

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