Soul of Eden Tier List – Best Deck Guide

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Check out our Soul of Eden Tier List guide that will reveal to you which Soul of Eden best decks to use.


Soul of Eden developed and published by Rayark is a Clash Royale style game where you fight 1v1 battles against your opponent. Rayark has been known for creating some of the top-notch quality games such as Sdorica -mirage- gacha game.

Soul of Eden combines card games with real-time strategy gameplay. One of the most interesting things compared to similar games is the spread system where you can designate each unit’s location before deploying them.

soul of eden tier list guide

Soul of Eden Tier List Overview

This Soul of Eden Tier List guide is designed around two combinations of factions – Republic/Alien & Beasts/Empire. Technically, there are 4 factions in the game and you also can select one Guardian but a lot of the cards are interchangeable between the two factions mentioned.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this tier list currently isn’t representing any meta cards right now because it’s unclear what the meta will be since the game had just launched. However, due to the fact, the game was already available in the Philippines, a lot of players have already become veterans of the game.

This is why we made this Soul of Eden Tier List based on the feedback we received from the veterans and their insight on how the meta will look like for the next upcoming month.

Our evaluations of each card are using these ratings: B (situational), A (useful), S (important), SS (Godlike)

Please make sure to read the section below to understand how Soul of Eden Best Deck gets created before you continue to the Soul of Eden Tier List card evaluations.

Soul of Eden Best Deck Explanation

If you’ve already played the game, you might have noticed each faction has a theme built around them. Republic is a well-rounded faction that doesn’t excel in anything but Alien faction, for example, focuses on swarming the opponent with many monsters.

And because you’re able to mix and match some of the cards between Alien and Republic faction, it’s entirely possible to create a swarm deck that’s using Republic guardian or gives the Alien guardian a boost if its lacking single target damage.

This is why it’s important for you to first focus on investing resources into Common rarity cards since those are the cheapest. Aliens and Republic use Gaia Stardust (purple) to upgrade cards whereas Beasts and Empire use the yellow Gaia Stardust.

Soul of Eden Best Deck Suggestions

There is no best faction in Soul of Eden, thankfully. Rayark made sure to balance each faction appropriately and there are many ways to approach which best deck to build in Soul of Eden.

Our suggestion for new starting players is to build a Republic deck that uses some of the Alien cards. Painling is an excellent Alien card that can deal with a lot of enemies and can be used as a finisher attack on an opponent’s base.

Get rid of Sentinel from your Republic deck. This is an awful card that doesn’t counter anything.

Because here’s the thing – just like in Crash Royale, the main question you need to ask yourself when building a deck – how well this card can counter other cards?

For example, Riot Trooper is a 6 cost card that is Common and can activate Taunt every 10 seconds. This is an extremely powerful card not only against swarming enemies but also any type of enemy that isn’t a single target killer. Riot Guard counters a lot of cards, while only single target killers can counter Riot Guard.

That being said, here are some top decks suggested by Reddit user u/Feyaerts_

soul of eden best decks

So keep this in mind when building your deck. Good luck and let’s move onto the Soul of Eden Tier List.

Soul of Eden Tier List

The following Tier List is broken down 4 factions. Keep in mind that Republic and Alien together with Beasts and Empire share some of these cards so they might end up higher in the tier list just because the card can be used within both factions.

soul of eden republic best deck


SS Tier

  • Nuclear Strike
  • Furi
  • Tadakatsu

S Tier

  • Pulse Tank
  • Sniper
  • Grenadier
  • Riot Trooper

A Tier

  • Stealth Blade
  • Rocketeer
  • Triton
  • Marine Corps
  • Bio-field
  • AP Strafing
  • Vindicator
  • Carpet Bombing

B Tier

  • Sentinel
  • Energy Beacon
  • Defender
  • Engineer

soul of eden alien best deck


SS Tier

  • Berns Sisters
  • Leon
  • Puppeteer
  • Xenoclaw

S Tier

  • Scorpioneer
  • Painling
  • Twisted Vine
  • Prime Venomite

A Tier

  • Leecher
  • Terminite
  • Exhaust
  • Prime Leecher
  • Dissolve

B Tier

  • Termite Queen
  • Clone
  • Venomite
  • Broodworm
  • Leecher Den
  • Painling Fission

soul of eden beasts best deck


SS Tier

  • Ana
  • Helena
  • Leotaur
  • Raabid

S Tier

  • Lancer
  • Storm Cellar

A Tier

  • Trample
  • Summon
  • Stench
  • Hellbilly
  • Warpig
  • Mad Axe
  • Igloom
  • Cleric
  • Wyrmling
  • Weezee
  • Imperial Guard
  • Salamander
  • Call of the Wild

B Tier

  • Poison Gecko
  • Dynafrog
  • Horn Chicken
  • Miracle
  • Bless

soul of eden empire best deck


SS Tier

  • Ana
  • Helena
  • Doramorph
  • Jacob

S Tier

  • Thymes
  • Salamander
  • Lancer
  • Warpig

A Tier

  • Storm Cellar
  • Red Witch
  • Punchtank
  • Ballister
  • Hammer Scout
  • Macer
  • Brutaxe
  • Imperial Guard

B Tier

  • Astral Warp
  • Spine Shell
  • Shield
  • Cryonia
  • Fugitive
  • Siege Ram

Conclusion – Soul of Eden Best Deck and Tier List Closing Thoughts

There are many different combinations of decks that you can try to experiment for yourself. But you might have noticed that control and healing cards don’t really have a high placement in this Soul of Eden Tier List guide. That is because the game is still young and the best strategy we’ve found to be a pure offense.

If you’re a veteran Soul of Eden player who has suggestions for improving this tier list, make sure to contact us from our Contact Us tab on the website. We own all the copyright to this article while Soul of Eden rights belong to publisher/developer Rayark.

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