SINoALICE FAQ for Global Players

by Gacha Gamer

SINoALICE has lots of going for a game about fairy tales. Yoko Taro has done an amazing job fleshing out the dark fantasy world of this gacha RPG game. If you’re a new player then it’s best if you first read through all the FAQ before diving deep into the game. This guide will help you to understand everything there is about SINoALICE.

What type of gacha system does SINoALICE use?

First of all, SINoALICE is a gacha game, so that means you need to gamble or “summon” to gain new powers. Some gacha games like Epic Seven, for example, feature gacha to summon new characters, and then you mostly power them up with equipment. Then there are games like Final Fantasy Dissidia Omnia Opera where you gacha for weapons because the game unlocks every character for you.

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What’s amazing about SINoALICE is that its almost nothing alike other gacha games. You aren’t actually trying to get new characters or equipment but really a mix of both. You get awesome weapons that unlock new “jobs” for your characters. However, there is a catch. Some characters stay unlocked until you pull their weapon. This means there are two ways to acquire the character:

1) The game rewarding you the character after completing an objective

2) Going to gacha and pulling locked character’s weapon

However, please mind that 2) is very rare and only a few characters such as Hamelin, Rapunzel, and Alladin are locked behind the gacha. The rest of the characters can be unlocked by just completing their story missions.

Question 2: How does the gameplay look like?

The weapons gacha system discussed previously to give you different attacks. You use these weapons with various abilities to attack enemies together with a team of different characters you build.

What is the tier list for the SINoALICE characters?

First of all, the tier list is for character jobs. Characters can obtain many weapons and thus have a huge variety of different weapons which means that a character itself is more or less just a cosmetic look. The weapons the character uses is what makes them stand out. For example, if you want to play as Snow White character then you have a selection of 23 jobs for her. Each job makes her better or worse.

Another important note about jobs and weapons is that for example if you use Snow White as a cleric and obtain Little Mermaid weapon for cleric then you can essentially exchange these two weapons between them because they both have unlocked their respective job and weapon combinations.

By using this strategy you gain boosts to your characters for leveling them and their weapons. This way essentially means the game becomes very complex and hard to evaluate to create a good tier list.

Is there a best job for each character?

Because mentioned previously of how deep the gacha job system runs it essentially means that it’s up to yourself to decide how you want to maximize what job to specialize in with each character. A good rule of thumb would be to get everything a little of something. You need characters that can buff, deal damage, and tank. Also, since this is a gacha game, then it means you are mostly left to work with what you pull from the gacha. But as an example, make sure to at least get one good healer because of how important it is for Guild Wars. Surviving other guild attacks become important and that can only be achieved with a good healer.

What should I reroll for?

Basically if possible – try to get a Nightmare (see next question what is a Nightmare). But aside from that it really depends if the job you’re rerolling for is available at launch. Make sure the job you focus on is easily available to obtain from other stories or event content. This means if you get a character that is Sword job and there is an event for boosting sword job drops then its a good idea to put your attention on that. If you really want to dedicate yourself to the best possible reroll result then go for 3 SR complementary job weapons. But if you ever see a Nightmare – get it. Which brings us to the next question.

What are Nightmares?

Imagine a super-powerful mega attack that basically kills anything on the screen. This is a Nightmare. They are super rare and very hard to find. Most Japanese players report that they only manage to get a Nightmare once per year (and the game isn’t that old). They are that rare.

A Nightmare can be used once per fight. They can also be purchased directly from the store with real money or game currency. There are F2P Nightmares but they are hard to obtain.

How much will I need to grind in this game?

SINoALICE sadly is a very grindy game. There are a lot of things you need to grind for – jobs, weapons, armor, Nightmares, events. A lot of focus also goes to Guild Wars.

How do Guild Wars work in SINoALICE?

Guild Wars in SINoALICE are fought time real-time 15 v 15 battles. These 15 players are split into 5 frontline and 10 backline attackers. People who are in the backline cannot be targeted. However, that means their damage is reduced almost to 90% or even more but their main goal lies in healing and applying buffs and debuffs.

Winning these battles award you with coins. These coins are extremely important because they allow you to get rare resources.

If you are offline during the real-time battle, an AI takes your place. This also applies to if you get disconnected from the fight.

Wrapping Up

SINoALICE is a deep game that offers a small pool of characters with a gigantic pool of weapons for them. Characters themselves do not matter as much as the weapons and you need to build solid teams that utilize these weapons. A major focus of the game goes to Guild Wars and the game itself is quite grindy but features amazing artwork, beautiful music and, of course, the man himself – Yoko Taro who is behind such hits as Drakengard and NieR: Automata

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