SINoALICE Collab List and Events

by Gacha Gamer

Welcome to our official SINoALICE Collab List we’ve prepared. We will cover popular SINoALICE collabs like Nier Automata and other collabs like Code Geass, which are coming in the near future. These SINoALICE collabs are limited time events that will give out free Twilight Crystals and prizes, as well as limited SINoALICE classes that are not obtainable from regular events.

Nier: Automata Collab

Nier: Automata has helped Yoko Taro reach celebrity status in the gaming industry so it can’t be more befitting than to have Nier Automata become the first official collab with SINoALICE. During this special collab, there is a very high chance global players will get one of the limited character classes for free since this is what happened during Japan’s event period when the developers gave 2B Breaker Class for free.

sinoalice collaboration nier automata

There will be a total of 5 classes: A2 as a Breaker, 9S as a Paladin, Emil as a Cleric, and then finally 2B will have two classes – Breaker and Crusher. All of these classes except for 2B Breaker’s class will be obtainable through the grimoire gacha. Since these characters don’t have almost any extra classes, their level up bonuses will be shared between each other. Meaning, the usual “Class” level up bonus will now affect every character that is from Nier Automata collab.

Which, in other words, if you obtain all 5 of these character classes, they will all share their class upgrades with each other. This and every other SINoALICE collab mentioned after this one will share a similar mechanic, to compensate for the lack of character classes.

You can also expect an original collab story that gets twisted in SINoALICE’s world-building, where 2B will fight through an onslaught of enemy puppets and unfold a new chapter in its existential crisis story. The event’s gameplay will be all about collecting and exchanging medals obtained from SINoALICE event battle stages.

Nier RepliCant Collaboration

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The next SINoALICE collaboration on our list is Nier: RepliCant. It’s been more than a decade since the original Nier’s release, titled Nier Gestalt, and renamed afterward to just simply Nier for the western audience. Nier Replicant took this original story and made some slight changes to it. There’s also been an announcement from Sony that they will be releasing a remastered version of Nier RepliCant for PS4 owners so this only makes the collab with SINoALICE even more exciting.

sinoalice collab nier replicant

One of the first things you should be expecting from this collab is to get awarded with the Young Nier’s Paladin Class as a login bonus. From the Grimoire Gacha, you can expect to find Kaine as Breaker, Young Emil as Mage, Devola & Popola as Cleric. Two classes have been only released during a 2nd rerun of the event so it can’t be confirmed if they will be during the first collab on August 6th.

Also, there are two more classes that we’ve decided to keep in secret, so you can find out for yourselves once the event is live. Just know this – they are not obtainable from the gacha!

Just like from the previous Nier Automata collab mentioned, you will focus on obtaining special event currency to exchange for random upgrade materials & more. And you can expect from SINoALICE to have a twisted take on the innocent story of a brother trying to save his sister.

Drakengard 3

Our third collab on the list and the last of Yoko Taro’s creations will be Drakengard 3 also known as a Drag on Dragoon (which should really have stayed with this name). This was an exclusive PS3 game that got released in 2014 and predates the other two Drakengard games. A woman named Zero, who can manipulate magic through her singing, teams up with a dragon named Mikhail to find and dispose of her 5 sisters, who rule the world that they inhabit. Incidentally, all of the sisters just have their names numbered.

sinoalice collab drakengard 3

You will unlock Zero’s Breaker class as a login bonus but her Cleric class is going to be obtainable from the gacha. Other characters classes in the gacha will be Human Mikhail as a Paladin, Accord as a Sorceress, and the first three sisters One, Two, and Three all of which will be Breakers. The 4th Sister who is a Crusher will be purchasable from the in-game shop and the 5th Sister who is a paladin will be unlockable after completing the collab’s event.

The more you level up these collab weapons and the classes the more access you will gain to the exclusive SINoALICE story takes on them. You can also expect to find Mikhail in his dragon form and the 5 sisters appearing as SS nightmare summons.

And just like other special collab events, making sure you use these newly unlocked weapons and classes will award you with an increased amount of Zero Medals which will be used to exchange for items.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Our next SINoALICE collab on the list is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. After its initial launch in 2016, it has been downloaded over 40 million times worldwide. Another spin-off called War of the Visions: FFBE got released just a few months ago during March. Both of the games have a huge fan following and so it comes off with no surprise that SINoALICE got this collaboration in its Japan version.

sinoalice collab final fantasy brave exvius

Although Brave Exvius is a titan of a game that features a roster of hundreds of Final Fantasy characters, SINoALICE only has two of them – Rain and Fina, the two protagonists of Brave Exvius. Rain as a Breaker was awarded to players as a login bonus and Fina as a Gunner class was locked behind the gacha system. During this SINoALICE event, you were also able to unlock Final Fantasy themed armor.

But most importantly, what makes every Final Fantasy game special are the summons or sometimes called espers. Our records show that Odin, Shiva, and Bahamut were some of the summons that appeared as unlockable nightmares.

And for the fans of Little Mermaid and Three Little Pigs, which are yet to come to global, they will receive their own special final fantasy themed classes.

Code Geass

Here at Gacha Gamer, this next collab is the most we’re hyped about. It’s the mastermind genius himself – Lelouch of the Rebellion from Code Geass. Since the premiere of its anime, Code Geass has gathered many prestigious awards. Critics have praised the series for its narrative, characters, strong voice acting, large audience appeal as well as the cross conflicts shown among the main characters and the moral questions presented.

sinoalice collab code geass

And the best part about all of this? In SINoALICE, you get Zero as the gunner class, completely for free, just by logging into the game during the collabaration period. To unlock Lelouch himself, who is a sorcerer, you will need to participate and get lucky with the gacha system. Along with him, there will also be Suzaku as a breaker and C.C. as a Minstrel. Euphemia’s Cleric Class will be locked behind an in-game app purchase.

Of course, let’s not forget that Code Geass is a mecha anime in disguise so you can expect to see the iconic Lancelot show up as a Nightmare in SINoALICE. Aside from that, all of the other mechanics will remain the same – you will grind these SINoALICE event stages to exchange for limited prizes and uncover a dark fairy tale intertwined with a political mecha anime.

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

The next collab we’re covering is about a dude who gets transported to a fantasy world and apparently, resets a timeline every time he dies. We’re talking about none other than Re:Zero – Starting a Life in Another World.

sinoalice collab re zero

You will unlock the protagonist Subaru as a sorcerer just by logging in during the event. The rest of the character classes will be available exclusively through the limited Grimoire gacha banners. In there, you will find Cleric Emilia, two of Rem’s classes which are Paladin and Crusher, and finally, Reinhardt who will be a Breaker.

It also just so happens that PlayStation announced a new addition to the series coming, called Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne. This will be a visual novel type of game that includes unique choice making. The original author of Re:Zero – Tappei Nagatsuki is going to be fully supervising the game’s story. This new game is set to release in Winter, 2020, so this could be a very good reason for SINoALICE to have a collab launched together to cross-promote each other.


sinoalice collab gems company

GEMS COMPANY in the JP version of SINoALICE awarded every player who logged in during the event period with a Hoshina Hinaka, which was a Crusher class. GEMS COMPANY is a virtual idol group that is being produced by Square Enix and Dearstage. It’s an interesting concept that you can see for yourself by checking out GEMS Company YouTUbe channel.

Space Invaders

sinoalice collaboration space invaders

This is a rather peculiar collab with Space Invaders. This collab features a rather provocative costume and Cleric class that you will get to unlock for princess Kaguya.

Fishing Star

Finally, the last of the bunch is probably the most bizarre one but truly the one you should save your twilight gems for it’s the Fishing Star collab that features Snow White as a TUNA Cleric and Pinocchio as a TUNA Paladin. I don’t know about you guys but this is the collab that we’re sincerely hoping will get released during this summer so we can play our favorite tuna classes.

Wrapping Up

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We’ve gone through 9 SINoALICE collabs (or collaborations) and you can see that you’ll need to save up all of your Twilight Crystals for all of these exciting collabs. Keep in mind, that these collabs only happened in the JP version of SINoALICE and we’ve just recreated the whole collection of these collabs.

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