SINoALICE Beginner’s Guide – How To Upgrade Class Efficiently & More Tips

by Gacha Gamer

Welcome to our first of many SINoALICE guides where we share with you the best beginner tips. In this guide, we will cover how to make SINoALICE more smother, how to get more SR Weapons, and most importantly – how to upgrade the class of every character as fast as possible.

Enable 60 FPS In The Game Settings

The first thing you should do for your own wellbeing’s sake is to go to the Menu then Options and in the Energy Settings select High Quality. The game should now run in 60 FPS and you will get to enjoy its silky smooth menu transitions and combat animations. There are reports coming from players that it will affect your battery’s life so it’s up to you to decide whether you’re willing to sacrifice fast graphics over battery’s longevity.

Purchase Weapon Packs In The Item Shop

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This tip is especially important for players who still don’t have 2-3 SR rarity weapons. Instead of relying on the Grimoire gacha, the in-game shop, which can be reached from Menu -> Shop -> Items, will allow you to purchase Starter Weapon packs – which come both in DPS and support variants and each can be purchased up to 5 times. The DPS starter pack includes 4 S Rarity weapons along with 1 SR rarity polearm that isn’t anything special but brings the desirable SR weapon stats into the mix. All of these weapons will have the Wind affinity.

sinoalice beginners guide

The Support weapons pack will also have 4 different S rarity weapons and a wind affinity SR staff which can heal up to 2 allies
Getting a new SR weapon and adding to your character’s main loadout will give you a pretty big increase in terms of raw stats, so make sure to grab these packs while they’re still available. Or, give in to your vices and just roll more for Grimoire gachas but its more advisable to think sober and invest into best SINoALICE weapons early on.

Use Rookie’s Path and Running Start Mission Events As Your Introductory Guide Into The Game

If you’re feeling lost or want to take a break from progressing through the copious amount of story stages – take a look at both the Rookie’s Path and Running Start Mission SINoALICE events. Rookie’s Path grants you Alice’s Mage Class which is currently exclusive to her as there are no other characters that have Mage class in the game.

sinoalice beginner guide

It just so happens, that Running Start Missions will nicely complement Alice’s Mage job because the main 3 rewards are one of the best SR orbs a mage can get during the global launch. So, if you want to obtain all of these goodies, get to work and don’t miss out on them.

Utilize Enemy Weaknesses

Even though there is a rock paper scissors system for weapons in the game, where you need to use the right affinity weapons against enemies like the Greater Golem in Evolution Oddities, you will also need to prepare ahead against trickier opponents. There are enemies that will have a massive defense against M.ATKs so your Bows will shoot out wet noodles and polearms will poke like sticks.

sinoalice beginners guide

You can press on the enemy portrait before going into a fight and read their Strategy section. As you can see in this example, the Greater Ghost has very high M. DEF but at the same time very low P.DEF. So, bring lots of blades and heavy weapons.

Upgrade Classes Fast By Spending Lots of SP

One of the key ways to grow outside of gear is by upgrading your classes. Each class has two types of upgrade / level-up bonuses: Class and Common. It’s important you unlock as many Common upgrades as you can, as they get shared through every single class in the game. You will need mastery points in order to level your classes and the keyway of obtaining lots of these points is by using as much of your SP as you can. SP is the resource you use during a fight to activate your weapon skills.

sinoalice beginners guide

SINoALICE help guide only briefly mentions it during one of its bizarre tutorials so you might have noticed that you are barely gaining any SP when you’re playing on auto. I’ve played during a launch day exclusively on auto-mode, forgetting about the SP gains and wasting so much time and literal energy.

The problem with the Auto mode is that it doesn’t activate weapons as often as you would manually and it gets even harder to obtain Mastery points if you get too strong and beat up your enemies with just a single activation. In this case, you have few options.

Methods For Upgrading Classes Efficiently

Go to an event stage like Evolution Mysteries, which currently is Fire affinity-based and create a loadout of mostly Wind weapons with a few water weapons. You will be able to prolong your fights and use up as much SP as you can before reaching the end of it.

Another way of doing it would be to just equip gear, which includes weapons, armor, nightmares, and sub-gear itself. Make yourself weak and then keep activating weapons to your heart’s content.

The final tip for optimizing your SP spending would be to also create a weapons loadout with high SP costs. That’s right – if you haven’t noticed, weapons have small numbers to them that depict their SP cost, which in other words would be the mastery points you get.

The amount of SP points spent during a fight will be equal to the number of Mastery points gained at the end of the fight. Thus, SP = Master Points. This is the ultimate way of quickly upgrading classes in SINoALICE.

Time Your Guerilla Missions

sinoalice beginners guide

There’s a sneaky way for you to gain more weapons and armor leveling materials. During certain times, a small window of opening shows up for Guerilla missions. In these missions, you will fight against enemies that are especially strong against M. ATKs so as mentioned previously – bring lots of blades and heavy weapons.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for this beginner’s guide. We’ve covered how to make your SINoALICE run at faster framerate, how to get SR weapons faster, how to fight enemies by using their weaknesses against them, what SINoALICE events you need to do, and finally – how to upgrade class really fast in SINoALICE. Oh and let’s not forget the timed Guerilla Missions you can complete for more weapon and armor upgrade materials.

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