Shining Beyond Tier List and Reroll Guide for Beginners

by Gacha Gamer

Welcome to the official Shining Beyond Tier List and Reroll Guide for Beginners. This article helps anyone who wants to have Shining Beyond best heroes.

Shining Beyond is a newly released action-adventure RPG that combines hero collecting and gacha elements. Developed by studio XII Braves, Shining Beyond features tactical gameplay with a unique job system and gorgeous 3D graphics.

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Reroll Guide

Best Heroes and Job System

Tier List Overview



Shining Beyond has finally launched as an Open Beta Test version. No progress will be wiped after the beta test, so any progress made in the game is permanent.

The game is currently only available for Android users but the developers have promised to have the game available for iOS players as well, including a new server.

In this Shining Beyond Tier List and Reroll guide, we will examine all the best heroes for you, as well as provide a useful beginner’s guide.

Shining Beyond Reroll Guide

shining beyond reroll guide

Who should you reroll for in Shining Beyond? That is an excellent question and we will answer but before we do, make sure to read through the reroll process below:

  1. Install game
  2. Do not bind an account, log in as Guest
  3. Play through tutorial
  4. After the tutorial, go to Treasure menu
  5. Click “Claim All” Button to get various rewards including a 10 summon ticket
  6. Go to Summon menu, select “Grand Hero Summon” and use the 10 summon ticket.
  7. Determine if you’re happy with results by using our Shining Beyond guide.
  8. If unhappy with results – close the game, go to Settings, and Clear Cache. NOTE: You might need to clear data too, depending on the device.

NOTE: You could also play the game further and claim all in-game rewards to further perform x2 more 10 summons.

NEXT – what are the best heroes to reroll for in Shining Beyond?

Because Shining Beyond uses a job system and from our CBT experience, we have concluded that rerolling for an SSR Warrior is the best deal for any beginner. Because there are formations in the game, you will notice that almost all of the formations include a Warrior.

Realistically, there are 3 tiers of difficulty when rerolling:

  • Easy: Reroll for SSR (any job)
  • Medium: Reroll for SSR Warrior
  • Very Hard: Reroll for SSR Warrior and SSR (any)
  • Nightmare: Reroll for SSR Warrior and SSR Ranger or Rogue

Basically, a lot of formations include Warrior / Rogue / Ranger and very few have Acolytes. Also, most of the Acolytes are healers and not damage dealers. To make farming and progressing faster, its best to have a Warrior that can tank and deal big damage instead.

Having an additional SSR Ranger or Rogue is also very good since it only makes clearing content faster.

Best Heroes and Shining Beyond Job System

shining beyond job guide

As previously explained in the Reroll Guide section, there are a total of 4 different beginner jobs – Warrior, Ranger, Rogue, and Acolyte. You can upgrade these jobs by evolving them into new tiers.

For example, a Warrior’s first advancement can be either Zealot or Crusader. If you pick Zealot, you can then promote it to Samurai or Dragoon. If you pick Crusader, you can promote it to Defender and Paladin. Both highest promotions have access to Dark Templar.

These jobs will dictate how your character will behave. If you as a Warrior promote yourself to Defender, then your character will be a tank but if you want to deal more damage, then choose Dragoon or Samurai.

The most important thing you need to understand is that each of these highest promotion jobs has a unique skill only accessible to them. For example, Paladin’s 3rd skill is Deliverance that is only unique to this promoted job.

Every Warrior hero you summon (R, SR, SSR) will have access to the same jobs. It’s hard to determine what the best hero is since there is so much to experiment this is why it’s best to first evaluate the skills and decide which final job compliments that skillset the most.

Shining Beyond Tier List Overview

In this Shining Beyond Tier List overview, we explain our evaluations. There are quite a few factors that need to be considered, so please read this section to have context when viewing the Shining Beyond Tier List.

When we evaluate a hero, we focus on these 5 factors:

  • Job
  • Masteries
  • Skills
  • Stats
  • Performance in game mode

It’s especially important to understand how much of a critical role Masteries have for each hero. For example, Jake is the starting hero and he has Mastery in Titan and Adventure. Naturally, the developers made him like that because he will be used in story mode and most of the bosses will be Titans.

Masteries make each hero more efficient and better at some modes or against specific enemy types. Since Jake is so ultra-focused on clearing story mode, he is a rather lackluster choice for when you’re doing Arena PvP.

This brings us to the main suspect- Masteries. Any hero that has Mastery in Arena already qualifies as the best choice to use in that mode. However, unlike Adventure mode, an Arena hero can still clear it with no problems which makes it the most powerful Mastery. The second most powerful mastery would be Guild Raid.

Finally, because of how important it is to deal with enemies as fast as possible to have a faster progression time, any hero that has access to a strong skill and a self-heal ability becomes a top tier hero in this Shining Beyond Tier List guide.

Shining Beyond Tier List

CAUTION: The tier placement is based on the data and expert opinions we gathered during the Closed Beta Test (roughly 1-2 weeks of knowledge). This tier list is subject to change, so make sure to come back daily to check on our updated progress.

There are a total of 4 tiers: B Tier (Average/Hard-to-determine) , A Tier (Good), S Tier (Excellent), SS Tier (Superb in every content)

SS Tier

Kane (Ranger)

kane shining beyond

Artemis (Ranger)

shining beyond tier list

Jenny (Rogue)

jenny shining beyond

Athena (Warrior)

athena shining beyond

Beretta (Acolyte)

beretta shining beyond


S Tier

Lucille (Acolyte)

Theia (Acolyte)

Emilia (Acolyte)

Chaos (Ranger)

Tess (Ranger)

Mei Fang (Rogue)

Freiya (Warrior)

Jake (Warrior)

Altima (Warrior)

athena shining beyond


A Tier

Shizu (Rogue)

Raegar (Rogue)


B Tier

Cecil (Rogue)

Leon (Warrior)

Gordon (Acolyte)

This is the end of Shining Beyond Tier List and Reroll Guide. Make sure to bookmark and return to our website daily, as we update our tier lists and guides very often! You can also check out the official Shining Beyond Facebook page and ask the developers questions directly.

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