Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe TIER LIST

by Gacha Gamer

Welcome to the Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Tier List. We have reviewed all of the Romancing SaGa Re universe styles and have created this extensive tier list guide to help you with deciding which character styles to go after.

Tier List Overview

Updated: July 9th, 2020 – Added Christmas Monica and Julian.


Please read this before you move onto the tier list. Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is a PvE only game, meaning there’s no PvP in it. Furthermore, each character has several styles to them, so even though we will be evaluating only SS rarity styles, keep in mind that the potential quite often comes from all of the styles combined together, since the character growth is directly related to how many styles you have trained for him. Finally, Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is an exceptionally grindy game that heavily rewards those who invest more time in it. Even though you will see some SS styles rated differently, keep in mind that the biggest impact you can in your game’s progression is by raising styles that exploit different enemy weaknesses. Also, the role of stats play heavily in the game and most of the styles have their stats balanced between each other so the biggest determining factors in this tier list are the following:

  • How well can this style exploit enemy weaknesses
  • How much damage it deals compared to other weapon classes
  • How well it performs its role (tanking, support, damage dealing, control)

In the end, we believe that every character style has a place in the game and since Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is heavily based on its predecessor games, where grinding and character stats overshadow any of the actual abilities, you can basically just pick someone for the sake of being your husbando/waifu instead. 

The tier list will have the following tiers: C, B, A, S, and SS. The difference between C and SS would be that C styles don’t really have a place in the early game and are weak in general, whereas SS styles have a very clear role that they perform extremely well, even in the early game.

SS Tier

romancing saga reuniverse tier list gustave


(Onward, into Battle!)

Gustave is an extremely strong attacker that also acts as a tank for the party. His last skill deals SS damage and he can also further inherit a powerful attack from his S style. All In all, he is a perfect contender for those who are looking for a slashing tank/DPS hybrid that performs really well.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list sophia


(May My Prayers Reach You)

Sophia packs so much value with this style that it’s hard to believe developers have made her free to everyone. She keeps the whole party alive with her healing (the only SS style that can heal) and even after her death she grants a huge AoE heal. Not only that but her damage output is very reasonable for someone who is primarily used for healing. All in all – get her by finishing the Beginner’s Dash quests and train her as soon as possible.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list azami


(Light Armor Is Important)

Azami is probably one of the hardest hitting styles right now because she has TWO abilities that grant Large increases to her dealt damage. Not only does she hit hard but she can also deliver them very fast, often getting to act before any other enemies. She is a powerhouse unit that melts her enemies with her stylish Ninjutsu skills.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list ginny


(I’m Ginny Knights)

Ginny’s last skill decreases the enemy’s physical defenses meaning every other physical attacker gets to produce more damage afterward. Not only that but she can also trigger her abilities to reduce enemy’s AGI and STR and on top of that – she gets a Large bonus to her damage increase when she’s at full health. Her other styles also provide more utility, so she’s an excellent character you can commit to long term. The only drawback with this style is you need to maintain her at full health to utilize her huge damage bonus.

S Tier

romancing saga reuniverse tier list blue


(Fated Mage)

This Blue’s style is the best out of all current AoE damage dealers. You can bring along a few newly acquired styles and take them through story stages where most of the heavy lifting will be done by Blue while the weaker styles will rake in the attribute and exp growth. Aside from that, he lacks any sufficient damage to deal against stronger enemies and struggles against bosses.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list rouge


(Seeking His Other Half)

You can get this style by simply farming the 1-2-12 quest and it comes with so much value. First of all, this Rouge can self-heal himself, his 3rd skill Vermillion Sands attacks all enemies with a Dark attack that also can cause blindness and his first skill can keep enemies stunned. He is an expert at controlling enemies and keeping himself alive.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list emerald


(Seeking Mastery of Fire)

This Emerald’s style will be absolutely essential when facing against Heat enemies and not only that, she grants heat counter-attacks against any direct damage target receives. Furthermore, she works really well when used to farm stages with many weak enemies. Her only drawback being weak against boss fights unless you inherit another attack from her A style.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list alkaiser


(Alkaiser’s On The Scene)

Alkaiser is rather interesting because he is a self-sustaining fighter that can regenerate both HP/BP during a fight and becomes more viable in longer fights. This style skillset is purely focused on single target attacks so you might need to inherit other skills from his A style – Red’s One-Hit Knockout.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list cat


(This Cat Has Claws)

Cat is going to be essential for everyone who will want to farm Aurum (gold) because of her ability to increase the earnings. She can also keep an enemy stunlocked every turn due to low BP cost and her second skill can decrease STR of enemies which proves very useful in more challenging fights with hard-hitting enemies.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list albert


(Legendary Knight)

This Legendary Knight is one of the few who can Parry incoming enemy attacks with his second skill. This is an extremely important style for those who have fragile allies in their party. However, due to his tanking nature, his damage output is average at best so make sure to bring lots of firepowers to compensate for the lack of his own.

A Tier

romancing saga re universe tier list


(Don’t Tell My Brother)

This SS style of Monica boasts 85% DEX bonus when at level 50. Not only that, she also gets 3 really great abilities – chance to increase her DEX, damage increase chance (large effect) and finally something more unique – increased crit damage! She is probably one of the best S. Sword users as of this moment just because of how much she focuses on dealing damage. Her last skill Southern Cross is of power rank SS and deals critical damage to Undead enemies. But not all is bright and shiny with this Monika – most undead are weak to blunt damage and she needs to inherit a ranged attack in order to reach the back line enemies. And her crit damage ability doesn’t really work that great since critical attacks are hard to execute.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list katarina


(Leave This to Me!)

This Katarina style really shines in boss battles with her great abilities and powerful horizontal attack skill. Furthermore, this style gives a big increase for her STR stat. Her S style also allows her to inherit an attack with paralyze.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list ellen


(You Stay Quiet!)

This Ellen is rather simple and just focuses solely on dealing with single target damage. But she’s really good at it and she also has a very niche use at taking care of Plant type enemies with her Dynamic Chop dealing Critical damage, not to mention it’s power is SSS.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list urpina


(The Power of House Julanius)

This Urpina’s style boasts with quick attacks that are crucial for dealing with some high priority enemies that you want to be gone fast. She also has access to abilities that always increase her attack damage unlike other style’s where they require you to have full health etc. Although she is a sword not a G. Sword user so her damage will still be outmatched by SS style like Gustave.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list terry


(Great Plain’s Free Spirit)

Terry’s style has access to an amazing SS power skill that can make short work of some of the bosses. Sadly, his other two skills feel not worth using and get you stuck on basic attacks until you have BP ready for another ultimate attack because he can randomly gain Large Damage increase and it would be a waste to lose BP to mediocre D or C power skills.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list aisha


(Come to Me, Butterflies)

This Aisha’s style allows her to petrify all enemies and she can also strike some powerful blows due to her innate ability to have a Large Damage Dealing bonus at full health. The problem with her petrification stems from the fact it requires INT and Earth-type weapons which you will need to equip to sacrifice her raw damage with a non-elemental weapon.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list awe


(Salamander’s Pride)

Awe is sort of a mixture of SS Hector & Gerard. His performance peaks while being at full health and he has access to a solid column attack. His last skill also has the power rank of SS. The only drawback is that his performance goes down once he loses max health, so he can’t act as a tank, even though one of the powers decreases damage.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list hector


(Selfish Merc)

Hector’s SS style is given out to everyone during the tutorial and is a good investment if you unlock his A style Orion early in the game. Due to his survivability where he can heal from getting attacked and the fact that he increases his damage-dealing even more from his abilities he is a not so shabby slash attacker. He is sort of in the middle regarding the slash attacking damage but he makes up for it with his second skill that targets a column of enemies. By having Orion, you can inherit an attack with paralyze.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list barbara


(Catch My Rose)

Barbara’s style allows her to take control of enemies by stunning and paralyzing them. Two of her skills target multiple enemies so she really shines in stages with many enemies. One of her drawbacks is the high BR requirements for these skills so its highly advised to inherit lower-cost skills from her other styles.

B Tier

romancing saga re universe tier list


(Let’s Pretend Tonight)

There’s nothing that special about Julian – yes, he can stun with his 2nd skill (and has nice power rank of B) but sword users tend to be on the tanking side.  Still, if you’re in need of a character that is specialized in stunning enemies due to his first ability, which has a chance of reducing enemy’s stun resistance (medium chance / large effect) then he could be a good option. If you think about it – this Julian could be used exclusively mainly for jamming, as weird as that sounds for a sword user. 

romancing saga re universe


(A Successor’s Resolve)

A rather interesting style of Gerard – a tank that counter-attacks! Currently, in Global version, he doesn’t fit into anywhere that well, besides the Subier event. He isn’t great for fast grinds and his damage output is too low. Still, there could be some potential in investing into him, if a formation comes out that buffs counter-attacks or more counter-attacking SS stylesget released and then you could build a party around counter-attacks.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list monika


(Hi There, I’m Monika)

Monika can stun, paralyze, and taunt enemies – the perfect tank with a strong grasp of control skills. You unlock Monika and her puzzle pieces by progressing through the story which makes her even more impressive. The only drawback of her would be that her stun and paralyze don’t land as often as you’d want to and she doesn’t deflect incoming damage that often.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list charl


(Shucho Arts User)

Charl’s Flame Whip is an amazing skill that can potentially paralyze all opponents. But where he really shines is his Triumvirate skill with the power of SS. This attack can easily dispatch of those annoying enemies that deal large damage and need to be taken care of ASAP. The only drawback would be his Flame Whip because it’s a Fire attack while other attacks are Pierce, so he needs to equip himself with a Fire Element Spear to boost that skill.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list mikhail


(I Will Protect My Kingdom)

Mikhail’s niche lies in taking care of undead enemies. But he also has nice abilities like boosting his damage dealing and recovering BP from time to time. You can make him even better by inheriting poisoning skill from his A style. He is a well-rounded character with a niche use.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list robin

Robin (Fake)

(I Have the Guts)

This Robin is rather good when used to farm stages with multiple enemies due to his 2nd skill. He also can deal with powerful SS rank single target damage. However, as of this moment, this is the only style Robin (Fake) comes with.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list gray


(Seeker of the Blade’s Truth)

Gray really shines at the last wave of enemies due to his ability to increase his damage by after each kill. He can also reduce the enemy’s AGI or even paralyze them. His S style also allows him to inherit a strong column attack that can fast track his strength growth. Sadly, he is somewhat lacking at the start of the fight because he needs to score a few kills.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list thomas


(For Loanne)

Thomas is an interesting fellow because one of his abilities can decrease target’s stun resistance at random and one of his skills stuns a target – so both this ability and the skill complement each other. But his damage output is rather mediocre, even given the fact he receives Large Damage Dealing increase when at full health and his last skill is only has power rank of S.

C Tier

romancing saga reuniverse tier list gerard


(I Must Pass This On)

On paper, Gerard looks amazing – a tank that attacks multiple enemies and has increased damage/defense at full health. Sadly, a single AoE or attack from the enemy reduces him to an underpowered damage dealer. His damage output is also very lacking so overall, he seems underpowered and doesn’t really belong anywhere unless you truly lack a slashing tank/DPS character. Since you also gain Hector SS for free it’s better to put your time investment into him instead.

romancing saga reuniverse tier list wil


 (Tycoon in His Youth)

Wil’s SS style is rather peculiar because it has 2 fire skills but he isn’t a mage so he needs to be equipped with a fire element weapon and even then, his fire skills have been reported to be very weak. He doesn’t really fit into any role well and ends up being a flawed SS style character.

This is the end of the tier list. We will keep updating this Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Tier List constantly so make sure to bookmark this page.

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