Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Style Guide

by Gacha Gamer

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe has a lot of depth when it comes to character styles. Today we’ll be taking a deep dive into styles and teach you everything there is to know about in this Romancing SaGa Re;universe Style Guide.

What is a Character Style?

If you’ve played other gacha games before, especially hero collectors, then you will notice you also unlock new heroes in this game. But you’re actually unlocking their styles. Once you get a style from summoning it, you get to keep it forever and a lot of characters have multiple styles. When you go into battle, you select the style, not character, and depending on the style you choose, you gain new abilities, skills, and various other things that will get explained further in the guide. To put it simply – a style is like a custom skin on a character that completely changes how it works.

Why some styles have different names and still belong to same character?

Due to the lore in Romancing SaGa, some characters co-exist together with their alter-egos or parallel world forms, so for example, Sophia is an SS style and she also has A Style which is named Agatha. For the most part, there aren’t that many styles that have different names and you can expect to see a lot of character styles that just simply have a different rarity and same name.

How many styles can a character have?

It depends but the average seems to be 2 styles. In the JP version, there had been a lot of limited SS Styles, so players usually focus on saving up their jewels so they can pull these limited-time styles.

What is Style EXP?

Style EXP is gained for a character after each battle or expedition. You can spend Style EXP on increasing the character’s style levels at the Dojo. The amount of Style EXP needed to level a style depends on its rarity. It’s quite easy to max out A style but requires a lot of Style EXP for SS Style.

What do I gain from leveling up Styles?

Each Style, when equipped on a character, brings its various stat bonuses that get better the more levels you unlock for that particular style. You also level up to Master Lv of the Weapon Type the style is using and this increases Skill and Overdrive damage for every single style that uses that particular Weapon type. For the most part, you want to focus on unlocking all Master Lv bonuses from the style. An example would be Guella Ha and Charl – they are both separate characters with their separate styles but are both Spear weapon users. By leveling all of their styles, you unlock Master Lv of Spear to 4 and now all of their styles get to deal increased damage with skills and overdrive attacks.

How can I see what bonuses styles can unlock from leveling?

The easiest way to inspect is going to Edit -> Styles -> Style Lv when you’re looking at a particular style. In this example, we can see that Hector’s SS Style is level 37 and we can see that at level 38 he will unlock +4 STR and even more bonuses up until the max level of 50.

romancing saga re universe style guide

How can I see all the stats the styles provide?

The easiest way to inspect is going to Edit -> Styles -> CP and then de-select the Character tab. You will now see what stats you will gain from using that style. Keep in mind, that by de-selecting Style and enabling Character tab, you will see what are the base stats of the character before using any of the styles. In this example, Hector’s STR as a base character is 34 but when applying the Style tab, it becomes 59. The formula is rather simple – you take the percentage and multiply the base stat from it and then add the flat bonus to the result.

romancing saga re universe style guide

Hector’s SS Style STR calculation would be: (34 * 50.78%) + 8 = 59.2652 ~ 59 STR (rounded down)

Why should I bother using any other style than SS?

SS style is indeed better than A or S style of the character, in terms of raw stat increases. However, after each battle, your base character can earn new stat increases and they are influenced by the style they have equipped.

romancing saga re universe style guide

You can see that Hector and Orion (both the same character but different style) have small ^ near their stats. These indicate how easy it is to grow these stats after each battle by using one of these styles. Hector SS Style can grow STR, DEX, and AGI whereas Orion A Style can grow END, DEX, AGI, and LOV – which actually has double ^ next to it, meaning its exceptionally good at growing this stat.

So if you want to grow LOV and END, you will need to play with Orion A Style. Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is an exceptionally grindy mobile game so you will need to spend time with all character’s styles if you want to make sure that character is at peak performance.

What do I gain/lose when I equip and de-equip a style?

When equipping a style…

  • Apply % bonus to the base character stat
  • Apply + flat bonus to the base character stat
  • Grant new skills
  • Grant new abilities
  • Modify the growth rate of stats after each battle

When a style is un-equipped

  • They continue contributing to Master Lv of Weapon Type
  • Let you inherit 1 skill from it (if it belongs to the same character style you’re using)

Overview of Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Style Guide

All in all, a style is an extension of the base character. A style can have a different name and still belong to the same character. Leveling styles require Style EXP which you acquire from battles and expeditions. Leveling up a style grants it new bonuses that get applied when equipping it. Sometimes by leveling a style, you unlock Master Lv bonus of a Weapon Type that gets applied to everyone who is using that weapon type. A style comes with its own set of skills, abilities, and stat bonuses. You can inherit 1 skill from an inactive style, provided it belongs to the same character.

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