Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Equipment Guide

by Gacha Gamer

Welcome to Romancing SaGa re;univerSe Equipment Guide – we will show you the best weapons and armor, how to evolve equipment efficiently, and where to farm each weapon, armor, gear, and accessory in Romancing SaGa re;univerSe.

Equipment Guide Intro

Let’s first take a quick look at each piece of equipment. Weapons will primarily boost your attack power. Armor will be crucial at reducing different types of damage and can be equipped by anybody. Gear will provide a specific advantage against a type of damage, for example, boots giving you increased defense against slash attacks and so on. And finally, accessories will give you resistance against status effects. Or it might also give stat bonuses. Sometimes, even both.

Equipment rarity or rank determines how many times you can evolve it. B rank equipment can be evolved only once, while SS rank can get evolved up to 4 times. Even though all of the equipment will provide stat boosts (or sometimes deduction) the most important thing you need to understand is that the biggest goal with equipment needs to be having a good defense.

Even though you can improve the offensive performance of your character’s style with weapons and such, it is more important for them to survive massive enemy attacks that come from utilizing and preparing against every battle with the right set of defensive equipment.

How To Upgrade Equipment Efficiently

You can level equipment by sacrificing the same category of equipment (weapon with weapons etc.) but the preferred method would be to use equipment experience orbs. Since Aurum in Romancing SaGa re;Universe is tough to acquire, selling off unused equipment for profit is a better choice. When you’re grinding for anything in Romancing SaGa re univerSe you can almost always expect to receive these orbs as a reward.

romancing saga re universe equipment guide

To evolve equipment, you will need Tri Glowstones and the matching equipment type Glowstones (Great Sword, Spears, Armor, etc.) which change each day throughout the week but all of them do become available to grind during Sundays. You will also need to have a hefty amount of Aurum so that’s why it’s a better idea to just sell off your unused equipment.

Never purchase Glowstones from shops since they require Aurum and cost an unfair amount. Instead, only farm highest Glowstones dungeons when you need SS drops and downgrade a few stages to grind S rank Glowstones appropriately. The same applies to A Glowstones – 2nd or 3rd stages should be the most optimal ones for acquiring loads A-Rank Glowstones. You can also try to fuse your Glowstones but only when you only have an abundant amount of them since their exchange rate is also quite poor.

What Equipment Should You Farm?


Weapons are a bit deceiving in Romancing SaGa re;univerSe. While it’s true that once you first equip your first B rank weapon you can feel the difference it’s a good rule of thumb to only farm for S rank equipment from Very Hard stages. Do not waste your time with farming for A rank weapons and even worse – don’t waste your resources upgrading them. Also, don’t farm for S rank weapons in Hard stages – their drop rate is too low, and it’s better to focus on acquiring them from Very Hard stages.

What’s also special about Very Hard stages is that the S rank equipment dropped have a slight chance of having a random stat boosted. You will see a blinking stat on the acquired weapon’s icon. As an example, this Great Sword here has +3 STR more than when it usually drops. There’s also even a smaller chance that the weapon might get an additional stat increase denoted by a + sign next to the stat it gets.

romancing saga re universe equipment guide

In short, there are 3 types of drops you can expect: without stat boosts, with a random +3 stat boost and if the RNG God favors you – with a random +4 stat boost.

Later, Romancing SaGa re;UniverSe will receive updates where you can farm for elemental weapons. So instead of getting a random stat bonus, you will farm for weapons with a random element boost. These will be especially important for character styles like Charl who needs Flame Elemental Spear to use him to his fullest potential.


There are 4 types of armor: Robes, Body, Light, and Heavy armor. Each kind of armor is good against a different type of attack, for example, robes are good against elemental attacks whereas heavy armor works well against all physical attacks.

And here’s what’s interesting about this Romancing SaGa re;UniverSe: you need to have at least one of each armor sets for all your party members. For example, a set of Scarlet Robes that have heat resistance work wonders against Pyrohydra’s attacks in Forest of Mystery.

You will notice just how insane the enemies can get if you don’t bring the right type of defense into the stage. Quite often your progress will get paused not because of your damage output but because your party members are dying too soon.

So if you’re stuck at a stage and you feel like you have enough HP, make sure to check out recommended defense types before starting each stage and equip or farm the appropriate armor and gear. You can only farm for A rank armor in Hard mode currently and the few pieces of S and SS armor can be redeemed with the eggshells from the Forest of Mystery.


There are 4 types of gear: Shirts, Helmets, Gloves, and Boots. Each type of gear is good at one defense type: Boots provide defense against piercing, helmets against blunt, and gloves against slashing attacks. Shirts so far seem to give a tiny boost to against physical attacks and really good defense against light and dark attacks combined. All the gear should be farmed from Hard stages.


Accessories by themselves aren’t that amazing and they are the only piece of equipment that cannot be evolved. They provide little stat boosts and resistances to ailments like Confusion. So far, it’s only recommended to farm only some accessories which we’ll cover shortly.

Where To Farm Equipment (Locations)

So where do you get equipment? For the most part, B and A rank equipment can be acquired through the story mode. You can acquire S rank weapons too. But S and SS rank Armor, Gear, and Accessories can only be acquired through events, at least as of making writing this article.

romancing saga re universe equipment guide

Here’s where you can obtain S rank weapons (with a chance of getting a random stat boost on Very Hard)

  • In Chapter 3-1 you can get bows and fire/wind staves.
  • In Chapter 3-2 you will find the rest of the elemental staves – light and dark, earth, and water.
  • In Chapter 4-1 you will be able to get swords and fist weapons.
  • In Chapter 4-2 will be Great Swords and spears.
  • In Chapter 5-1 will be Axes.
  • In Chapter 5-2 you will find Small Swords and Clubs

For armor, Chapters 4-1 and 4-2 are best places to farm for heat resistance armor like Scarlet Robes or Field Plate, which gives both heat and cold resistance.

For most prominent gear, Chapter 2-2-1H has really good boots that provide +2 AGI and Chapter 5-1-3H drops Budo Gi which gives defense against Dark and Light attacks along with some nice stats like +2 END.

Finally, for accessories, the best ones, for now, would be Warrior Ring at Chapter 3-1-5H, Hermit Ring 3-2-3H, and Feather Amulet 3-1-3H for +1 AGI. There are loads more of them but some of the veterans of JP community advise to not bother too much right now and wait for better accessories that will come out pretty soon.

Best Equipment Setup

The best equipment loadout is usually the one that focuses on preventing 1-2 damage types. For example, in a stage with lots of enemies with slashing attacks, equip everyone with Heavy Armor and Gloves.

romancing saga re universe equipment guide

Usually, it’s not easy to outfit yourself against 2 damage types, unless it’s dark/light since shirts provide that bonus. So instead, just focus either on the toughest enemies or just the boss itself and bring appropriate defense into the fight.

You can also check out boss signature skills before starting a stage. Or during a fight – long press on the boss and navigate to its skill tab and see which skills have the highest damage rank.

But you should be able to notice that without inspecting the boss – usually by getting your characters one-shot by a single skill.

Reddit user u/Kikenda provides a nice breakdown of most optimal defense you can obtain for each attack type:

  • Slash: Heavy Armor/Suit + Glove = +44.
  • Blunt: Light Armor/Suit + Helmet = +44
  • Pierce: Heavy/Light Armor + Boots = +44
  • S from eggshells versions increase those to +60, SS to +64
  • Heat: A Scarlet Robe +31. S gloves from eggshells +28
  • Cold: A Field Armor +18. SS Hydra Leather +28, S Fluffy Hood +26
  • Electric: A Scarlet Robe +13. S Stardust Robe +17
  • Light/Dark: A Shirts +22. S Reinforced Clothes +30

Wrapping Up

All in all, weapons are great but not as important as having an appropriate defense against enemy attacks. Don’t grind for S rank weapons in Hard stages because you can get them faster from Very Hard stages and focus on obtaining at least an armor and gear set against each damage type (slashing, fire, etc.)

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