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Welcome to One Punch Man The Strongest Man Tier List. We’ve created this tier list together with the help of some of the players who are veterans of the game in the Chinese version. If you’re a new player or building a PvP team – keep reading this tier list.

One Punch Man The Strongest has been released in English to the SEA players. The game features punchy music and exciting battling system where you form your teams in a grid-like structure. You use combos, anger and energy to achieve big damage outputs and the game features more than 80 starting characters.

Tier List Overview

One Punch Man The Strongest Man Tier List evaluation is based on the following criteria: PvP, PvE, and miscellaneous content usability. The most important criteria being the viability in PvP so even though some characters are in A tier, you can expect to be beastly in PvE content but just not that viable in PvP (unless used in powerful team formation).

One of the more exciting things in One Punch Man The Strongest is that there is a good amount of SR rarity characters (SSR being the rarest) that are at the top of the tier list which means the developers have given viability for F2P players to progress more easily in the game.

We use the following tiers to evaluate each character – B, A, S, and SS Tier. This means even units in B tier are pretty well-rounded but are lacking either stat growth or other abilities that would elevate them to a higher tier(s).

So without further ado, let’s jump into the tier list.

SS Tier

one punch man the strongest tier list

Metal Knight

Metal Knight is one of the more infamous characters from the Chinese servers because of the unfair amount of stats it has. He is also one of the best damage dealers in the game, being able to kill columns of enemies and becoming stronger with fewer enemies left in the fight. Along with that he also can give himself a nice attack boost but really it’s just icing on the cake and he is just more of a godlike character that has received insane stat boosts.

one punch man the strongest tier list


Bang comes in with a huge BANG (get it?) in the game that can almost instantly wipe out the whole enemy team. He is the sinister sibling of the Metal Knight and can be used as a counter answer to him. What really makes Bang important, though, is his ability parry attacks thus giving him huge survivability. He is also pretty good at removing shields which some of the high tier characters like Amai become countered easily.

S Tier

one punch man the strongest tier list

Atomic Samurai

If you want someone who deals an insane amount of single target DPS but doesn’t really do anything much else – get Atomic Samurai. Most importantly, Atomic Samurai thrives on enemies getting killed because he gets to decrease his ability cooldowns and even gets more anger along the way.

one punch man the strongest tier list


Konbu really shines as a character that can extend your combos. What makes him even more important is that he can target the back row of enemies – meaning he gets to attack support and healers without them being able to hide behind the tanks and DPS. Konbu can also CC enemies which work wonders against enemies like Bang.


one punch man the strongest tier list

Amai Mask

THE healer in the game and only SR rarity! Can remove debuffs. Can sustain the lowest HP character at the end of each round. Most importantly his last talent prevents your team from taking huge damage by granting everyone a shield. He also can grant anger but it only triggers at random and only at the beginning of the round.

one punch man the strongest tier list

Child Emperor

Child Emperor is probably one of the best support units in the game, in terms of the amount of support of it gives. He can shield, boost attack and even heal at the end of each round.  So tanks and other DPS that depend on surviving and dealing damage get a dependable comrade that will take care of them. He can also trigger anger recovery when using his skills.

one punch man the strongest tier list


Tatsumaki is your typical damage dealer that excels with single target DPS and finishes with an insane 20 combo AoE attack that potentially could leave enemies stunned and burning. Aside from that, she has a nice survivability mechanism built it in with the shield she gets to generate.

A Tier

one punch man the strongest tier list


A good character that you start the game with. Can build combos and land some nice AoE attacks. Most interestingly, when he dies, he deals damage to all the enemies and the damage they receive is pretty substantial creating interesting meta teams on the Chinese server.

one punch man the strongest tier list

Tank Top Master

The Tank in Tank Top Master clearly defines his role and he is the undisputed tank in the game. He can create a massive shield at the start of the battle and he works really well with shield buffing units like Amai. He also boasts one of the highest DEF stats in the game.

one punch man the strongest tier list

Metal Bat

An interesting character that becomes stronger the longer the battle takes. Aside from that, he deals pretty good damage and can even stack his own abilities for further increased damage.

one punch man the strongest tier list

Lightning Max

A great SR unit to invest in if you’re looking for balanced PvP and PvE performance. He has several niche uses, like dealing more damage to monsters or the enemies in the front row.

one punch man the strongest tier list


Second best and sometimes also the best tank (depending on the formation) that can absorb tons of damage. He is the annoying sponge soaking target that revives even after dying.

B Tier

  • Snek
  • Stinger
  • Speed’ o’ Sound Sonic
  • Geryuganshoop
  • Dr. Genus
  • PuriPuri Prisoner
  • Armored Gorilla
  • Beastking
  • Deep Seaking
  • Vaccine Man
  • SMile Man

C Tier

  • Mumen Rider
  • Bunbunman
  • Carnage Kabuto
  • Blue Fire
  • Spring Mustachio
  • Groribas
  • Mosquito Girl
  • Wild Monkey
  • Goldenball
  • Lily

That’s it for this tier list. Make sure to bookmark this page and explore other tier lists you’re interested on our website! We update our tier lists daily so keep coming back as often as possible to say with the latest updates of One Punch Man’s Strongest Tier List meta game.

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