One Punch Man The Strongest Guide

by Gacha Gamer

Welcome to One Punch Man The Strongest Guide for Beginners and Experts. This mobile gacha game is based on a highly popular One Punch Man anime that has garnered a massive following of fans. One Punch Man The Strongest features a rather simple gameplay system but there are many advanced tips and tricks we’re about to share in this guide that will work wonders for you.

One Punch Man The Strongest Guide Overview

This is an RPG game that features team building and rewards those players who aim for the best team synergy. As with all other gacha games, you also need to pay attention to daily tasks and goals to maximize your team’s growth, so keep reading this guide to find out how to build the best teams and how to get the most premium currency in the game.

How to Build the Best Team

one punch man the strongest guide
It’s no secret – the strength in any gacha game comes from the characters. One Punch Man The Strongest is no exception to this rule. When you’re building your team, you need to take a look at the three most important factors: What series the character belongs to, what faction they are in, and what role they perform. There are currently four series and only three factions (excluding the “Other” faction). More or less, first, decide which faction you will be playing for and then choose the roles. Series should come as the last factor since you will initially own a smaller pool of characters but this will become more important once you unlock more new characters. When building a team, make sure to include at least 1 tank and 1 support, while focusing on the rest as pure DPS (preferably, one character that’s really good at single target damage). This way, you will have a balanced team that will clear most of the story without any problems.

Always Make Sure To Upgrade Your Most Important Characters for Best Lineup

Even though it’s easy to focus purely on the BP of each character, which measures the overall strength of them, you still need to keep coming back and keep your strongest characters up to date. We recommend you invest your resources into Genos, as he will be used throughout the story and his skills are very good for dealing in different situations. Obviously, investing resources in the whole team of 6 characters can become expensive, we recommend for you to focus on 3 characters you consider the best and spend an only little amount of resources into other characters. This way, once you unlock higher tier characters, you can spend your saved up resources and match their strength to the strongest 3 characters you’ve been investing in.

Build Your Saitama

one punch man the strongest guide
It’s weird but at the same time it makes sense – Saitama is not a playable character in One Punch Man The Strongest. He acts as more of a support in the game and can grant buffs and even the famous one-punch attacks that kill targets instantly – provided you invest your time and resources into him. To progress in this game, we highly advise focusing on maxing out Saitama as much as possible as he proves to be extremely important in several boss stages. You need Saitama Coins which you get from completing quests and there’s also Talent Points are harder to grind since they are mostly gained through daily quests. So be sure to log in each day to get the Talent Points.

Take Advantage of the Figurines etc. from the Home Feature

Once you reach somewhere around Level 28-30 you will unlock the Home Feature. While at first, it may seem like a place to just store some achievements and cute figurines it’s actually a place where you can further increase your BP. There are various requirements on what you need to collect or achieve but by completing them, you’re essentially getting free BP increase. Not a lot of players are aware of this, so it’s best to take this opportunity and beat your opponents in PvP by having bigger BP.


That’s it for this One Punch Man The Strongest Guide for Beginners and Experts. Make sure to log in each day and complete the daily quests, raise your Saitama and utilize your team to its fullest potential so you can have an easier time beating the whole story mode and conquering the PvP Arena.

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