Marvel Duel Guide – Best Cards and Top Decks

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Welcome to Marvel Duel Guide for the best decks and cards. In this guide, we share with you top Marvel Duel cards and decks.

The newly released MARVEL Duel mobile card game by Netease focuses on delivering the best graphics and strategy you could ask from a new collectible card game. Marvel Duel features almost 200 various heroes and villains along with their iconic equipment such as Thor’s Hammer.

Guide Overview

The game so far has been launched in few select SEA countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. There has been no confirmation whether it will be released globally to the rest of the mobile gaming world.

The game is available in English and if you log in during its launch period, you will obtain 10 general expansion packs as a launch gift. Currently, there are two expansions: Asgardian and Spider-Verse so this is the best time for you to get lots of these expansions cards before they become diluted with new expansions.

marvel duel best cards

When you start playing the game, you will be presented with two choices after completing the initial tutorial: Thor or Spiderman hero pickup. We highly recommend for you to choose Thor if you’re inexperienced with online card games.

Marvel Duel Guide Top Strategies

Marvel Duel isn’t an entirely unique card game as it heavily borrows elements from both auto-chess and Hearthstone battlegrounds. You will be in a match against several opponents and you’re goal is to be the last one standing.

The gameplay revolves around purchasing cards from the shop. There are three card categories: Attack, Guardian, and Support. There are also two types of cards – Heroes and Equipment. Quite often, you will find that you can only equip items that match the same category.

This means Thor’s Hammer equipment card can only be equipped on characters who belong to the Guardian category (blue shield icon). Sometimes, there will be equipment without restrictions and quite often, you will want to include it into your deck.

Best Marvel Guide strategy tip for you would be to focus on building a deck that has 1 or 2 categories and belongs to one faction (either Spider-Verse or Asgardian). For example, Spider-Verse Attack and Support deck are very powerful in ranked matches.

Marvel Duel Best Cards

Here are the following Marvel Duel best cards you can use in ranked matches. Keep in mind, most of these cards are high cost which means they are meant to be used as finishers in the end-game.

These are top tier Marvel Duel cards. (Part 1)

marvel duel guide best cards

Another really good set of Marvel Duel cards. (Part 2)

marvel duel guide best decks

As you can see, these are top of the line cards you can use in your Marvel Duel best decks. Take one or two cards from this list and then based on their faction and category (support, attack, guardian) add the remaining cards that compliment them.

Marvel Duel Quest Cards

There are certain cards in the game that have the keyword “Quest” in them. Think of them as trigger after meeting a condition. For example, there will be cards that require you to accumulate more gems than usual and then you will receive very powerful quest rewards.

However, as of this writing, there aren’t that many great Marvel Duel quest cards. As with many other card games – the more you depend on something, the less likely you can achieve it successfully. Going for cards that provide high attack, can instantly destroy enemies or improve your card ranks are way better.

Wrapping Up

These would be all the best Marvel Duel cards and decks in this guide. The trick to being a top player in Marvel Duels is by building synergetic decks that focus on single faction (Asgardians or Spider-Verse) and focus on Attack, Support, or Guardian cards.

Climb the ranked ladder and complete daily quests to get more resources to purchase additional card packs so you can get a chance at getting more Legendary Marvel Duel cards. You can find the whole list of cards at the Collection menu.

You can follow latest Marvel Duel updates from their Twitter.

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