Lord of Heroes Tier List & Reroll Guide – Best F2P Heroes

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Welcome to our Lord of Heroes Tier List guide. This article helps beginners and players who are looking for the best characters in Lord of Heroes.

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Reroll Guide (Equipment)

How to reroll?

What to reroll for?

Best Heroes For F2P Players

Tier List Overview

Lord of Heroes TIER LIST

Closing Thoughts


Lord of Heroes, developed and published by Clover Games studio, is a turn-based strategy RPG that features hero collecting and gacha elements. Lord of Heroes Global version release date has finally arrived and players are now able to play the game worldwide.

The game is available for iOS and Android users. Because the game was previously available in South Korea, some of the servers were merged together to accompany newly arriving global players.

In this Lord of Heroes Tier List guide, we will review all the heroes that are currently available in the game as well as provide insight for F2P players. 

Even though Lord of Heroes is a hero collector, it’s not using gacha for summoning heroes, instead, you can acquire every hero through various ways, such as special missions, buying with premium currency, or in-app bundles.

Lord of Heroes Reroll Guide (Equipment)

lord of heroes reroll guide

Because you can acquire all heroes without gacha, the only remaining option to reroll would be for the equipment gacha. Acquiring premium currency takes a while and it costs quite a lot to do equipment gacha summons (called Alchemy).

And since summoning equipment can be a bit random, you might end up with some weapon or armor pieces that won’t be useful until later in the game or will have bad substats.

How to reroll in Lord of Heroes

  1. Install the game and log-in with a guest account
  2. Go through tutorial missions
  3. Depending on when you joined the game, collect rewards from the in-game mailbox
  4. Play the game until you acquire 1500 Crystals.
  5. Proceed to the Alchemy screen and select the most relevant choice to summon from
  6. If unhappy with results, close the game
  7. (Android) Clear Game Data or Cache / (iOS) Delete and Re-Install
  8. Repeat the steps from 1.
  9. If happy with the results, make sure to bind the account

What to reroll for in Lord of Heroes?

There are three types of equipment in Lord of Heroes:

Normal: Obtainable from story regions and Alchemy.

Replicas: Obtainable via Alchemy or Crafting. Restricted by character class.

Artifacts: Only obtainable via Alchemy. Restricted by character class. Each artifact raises the level of a specific hero’s skill or attack. The effect does not carry over to a different hero, even if it’s the same class.

You will notice that in the Alchemy screen you can summon equipment from multiple choices. Most of these choices focus on one hero’s artifacts. It’s best to focus on obtaining artifacts for heroes which you will have access to earliest, so you can maximize the equipment usage throughout the whole game.

The chance of getting equipment is as follows:

  • Artifacts (6 star) 2%
  • Replicas (6 star) 3%
  • Replicas (5 star) 5%
  • Replicas (4 star) 10%
  • Normal (6 star) 13.02%
  • Normal (5 star) 24.01%
  • Normal (4 star) 42.98%

As you can see, Artifacts are only 6-star, whereas Replicas can be 4,5 or 6 stars. It’s highly advisable for you to only invest in equipment that is either Artifacts, Replicas, or Normal (5-6 star).

You are guaranteed to obtain 1 artifact if you summon from select banners, so we highly advise to choose only banners that guarantee an artifact from 11 summons. (1500 Crystals)

Here are some suggestions to reroll:

  • (Easy) x1 Artifact, x1 5-star Replica
  • (Hard) x1 Artifact, x1 6-star Replica
  • (Extreme) x2 Artifact
  • (Lord of Extreme) x2 Artifact, x1 6-star Replica

Best Heroes for F2P Players

lord of heroes tier list and reroll guide

Lord of Heroes is a very slow game when it comes to leveling and increasing the strength of your characters. Even though we provide a Lord of Heroes Tier List with a very analytical approach, the reality is that a lot of these tier list placements are based on long-term performance estimations.

As a new player, your main interest will be to progress through the Story content and there are a lot of missions where your party will get wiped because of insane enemy strength.

Investing in the right heroes as early as possible can help you defeat these challenging missions. Here are some of the best heroes in Lord of Heroes for F2P players:

  • Aslan [Earth]
  • Vanessa [Water]
  • Fram [Water]
  • Helga [Water]
  • Mikhail [Dark]
  • Charlotte [Earth]
  • Krom [Water] or Lairei [Fire] (The 3 lord contract)

These heroes are considered to be safe choices to invest your resources in – they provide the best bang for your buck and will never disappoint. (unless Clover Games decides to nerf them)

Lord of Heroes Tier List Overview

WARNING: We prohibit copying the contents of this article without our approval. We will file a DMCA take-down and report your website/network to your hosting provider.

Three things come to mind when we’re evaluating the best heroes in our Lord of Heroes tier list. First of all – how good is the hero in PvE content (Raids, Story Region, Dungeons). Second, is it also viable in PvP Coliseum where firepower isn’t always the answer and more important mechanics, such as Speed and debuffs are in the meta. Finally – how expensive or hard it is to obtain the hero.

Most of the heroes have similar skill sets and either focus on support or attack. Some heroes are very expensive to acquire and take months to acquire. In theory, you will acquire every hero if you play the game long enough but investing resources to level their skills and awakening them takes a lot of time.

We aim to answer this question in our Lord of Heroes Tier List by using 4 tiers: B (average), A (above average), S (excellent), SS (meta/powerful)

We base our evaluations from the feedback we’ve gathered from Korean veteran players as well as taking into account the data we’ve gathered from Top 100 PvP players as well as Guild Raids and Hall of Elements final bosses.

Lord of Heroes Tier List

TBD Tier – Johan [Fire] , cannot evaluate as of now because unclear if this paid version will become for free later.

SS Tier

lord of heroes tier list

Aslan [Earth]

Aslan is oftentimes mythicized to be a hero of his own tier. Every single thing he does, he almost does it better than anyone else. His basic attack reduces enemies’ attack power and his ultimate is designed to be a single-target killer that ignores any defenses the target has. But what truly makes him a legendary SS tier hero is his skill – when completely maxed out, it will boost allies’ action gauge by 40%, grant increased attack power, AND will also give a decent boost to the Burst gauge. Essentially, everyone gets ready for the 2nd activation with their attack boosted and Burst gauge ripe and ready.

Vanessa [Water]

Vanessa is a beast when it comes to healing and keeping the team alive. Her basic attack allows her to self-heal, while her skill allows her to give everyone an AoE heal that also grants a leech buff for 2 turns. Most importantly, her skill will also give a significant boost to the Burst gauge. To top it off – her ultimate skill revives everyone and this will prove to be one of the most important skills when facing off against insanely powerful bosses. Even though she costs 6,000 Crystals to acquire, she is one of the best choices for any players who are struggling to keep their team alive.

Lumie [Water]

Lumie is your go-to answer to keep enemies from activating too often. Her whole skill set is focused on reducing enemies’ action gauges and her leveled-up version of the ultimate skill can also put enemies to sleep. Having her in your team will make you feel like the Flash – enemies won’t even get to activate before you will wipe the floor with them.

Lairei [Fire]

If you ever want to strip your enemies naked of defense, go for this Fire version of Lairei. Both her basic attack and skill focus on making the enemies vulnerable to your incoming attacks and her ultimate also packs a nice surprise of reducing action gauges. One of the deadliest heroes you could ask for.

Krom [Water]

Feeling slow? Krom comes to the rescue – his skill will boost each teammates’ action gauge by almost 50% so with some strategic Speed stat manipulation, you can make your whole team activate twice before an enemy is even able to attack. Saving up his skill before any boss fight makes it almost a cakewalk.

Krom [Fire]

This version of Fire Krom is an extremely interesting choice for those who favor heroes that require a slight set up for a massive payoff. His skill will grant the increased attack, critical hit rate, and damage as well as activate for an extra turn. Krom can also gain an extra turn if his ultimate attack kills any enemies. Although he isn’t ideal for auto-farming content due to his peculiar nature of comboing attacks, he is a very powerful hero to have when facing off against more challenging enemies or players.

Alev [Fire]

One of the most dangerous teammates you can have on your team if they land a critical strike. Alev is designed to capitalize on critical hits by either self-healing or completely ignoring the enemy’s defenses. She is especially horrifying in the Coliseum.

Alev [Water]

Water Alev is a specialist that shines as a hero destined to slay targets with increased health. As you can imagine, she is probably one of the strongest heroes you can bring to any boss battle so if you’re lacking in some serious firepower to bring down those giant targets, she is one of the top choices.

Nine [Earth]

Nine comes packing some deadly firepower. The most prominent of them being the skill – not only does it lower every enemy action gauge but also boosts its own. Having the opportunity to go almost twice every round is probably one of the powerful things you can do in Lord of Heroes.

S Tier

Schneider [Water]

While both Fire and Earth Schneider’s are underwhelming at best, this Water Schneider comes with a surprisingly strong skill set that focuses on dishing out decent damage to enemies and lowering their action gauges. What’s even cooler is that a leveled up version of his ultimate attack allows him to activate for the 2nd time after performing it.

Vanessa [Light]

Most notable feature about Light Vanessa is that she can put on an invincibility buff with her skill and her basic attack can reduce enemies’ attack power.

Vanessa [Fire]

The budget version of Water Vanessa. Her leveled up versions of skill will give defense buff while the ultimate will provide invincibility.

Charlotte [Earth]

Your starting healer and a very good choice to proceed with if you don’t want to invest 6,000 Crystals into unlocking Water Vanessa. Does everything you want a good Cleric to do – her basic attack lowers enemy attack power and her skill will heal the target ally while the leveled up version will also fill the action gauge up to 100%, granting an extra turn.

Lucilicca [Earth]

A specialist in bringing down single targets, especially bosses with big health pools. But being a specialist comes with its own costs, making her perform less ideally in farming and Coliseum. Still, she is one of the three lords you’re presented with the choice of recruiting and if you want to have a strong hero that will help you with harder bosses, she should be your top choice.

Dhurahan [Dark]

All of Dhurahan’s elemental versions’ basic attack focuses on locking down enemies but only Dark Dhurahan comes out at the top. By having nearly 100% chance of petrifying his targets, he is a single target damage dealer that also works as a supporting character before unleashing his ultimate and skill.

Mei Ling [Light]

A very fascinating Mei Ling that acts as a support hero with some strong firepower as a backup. Her basic attack can heal allies up to 20% upon landing a critical hit and her skill also grants regen after attacking which mimics the ultimate attack of her Fire version.

Mei Ling [Earth]

The nastiest thing about this Mei Ling is that her Ultimate can land up to three stacks of Sap making it an especially scary attack against groups of enemies that have buffs on them. Other than that, she’s got very good stats and skills to push through various content.

Rosanna [Fire]

Rosanna makes herself very valuable to those who are still lacking in ways to boost their Burst gauges – her skill will put a shield on everyone and a maxed-out version will also boost the Burst gauge by quite a lot.

Astrid [Fire]

It’s not easy being Fire Astrid since her other two versions leave a lot to desire. She makes herself to be a very special hero by scaling her damage with Speed and also focusing on Single target damage. Since you will naturally want to deck her out with Speed equipment, she will be one of the first heroes to always activate and will essentially be able to delete one target before the fight starts.

Helga [Water]

Surprisingly, this is the strongest version of Helga and you get to unlock her as part of the story mission. She has a nice basic attack that self-heals her and both her skill and ultimate focus on putting as much Sap debuffs as possible, making her a very scary damage dealer.

Walther [Earth]

A formidable tank that can Provoke his targets with his skill. He can also self-increase his own defense with the basic attack and his ultimate provides an action gauge boost to teammates.

Joshua [Water]

Joshua is certainly an interesting character – he specializes in stripping enemies from their buffs while also providing extra turns for himself and his allies. He can also remove debuffs from his team with his skill. Overall, a solid choice for those who lack a hero that can grant more activations and deal with buffs & debuffs.

Nine [Water]

Another very powerful Tank that can put a shield on herself and provoke her enemies. She also happens to be a Warrior so she can put on some offensive equipment and keep the enemies engaged with her while also dealing sizable damage.

Lairei [Earth]

This is a glass cannon that values critical rating and damage above everything else. She is purely designed to be a killing machine with her basic attack boosting her own critical damage and her skill-boosting the critical rate. Her ultimate also rewards her for pulling off a critical attack with an attack power buff.

Fram [Water]

One of your first starting characters. She will help you out a lot during the early game, so even promoting her to 5 or even 6 stars is acceptable, if not mandatory. She can stun as well as decrease enemy defense and attack, making her especially important during more challenging fights.

Olivia [Earth]

You will unlock her after a 7-day login streak. She’s a very decent character to use, especially in Coliseum, since her whole kit is designed around slowing down enemies. Lacking any reasonable way of preventing the enemy from activating too often can spell doom in many scenarios, so she is a safe investment for those who haven’t got any other alternative heroes like her. In contrast, even though this version of her ends up higher in our tier list, her Light version costs millions of renown to unlock and performs an entirely different role if not a more important one.

A Tier

The heroes in this tier ranking are all very capable and good to work with, especially Mikhail [Dark] and Johan [Light] since they are both your starting party members in the game. However, due to failing to meet one of our 3 evaluations, these heroes end up as a worse long-term investment than their other companions.

Olivia [Light] and Laphlaes [Earth] – both are absolute powerhouses and pack a lot of value but they also cost 5,000,000 and 3,000,000 Renown respectively which is absolutely out of reach for anyone who isn’t a veteran player.

  • Mikhail [Dark]
  • Olivia [Light] (SS Tier for veterans)
  • Laphlaes [Earth] (SS Tier for veterans)
  • Schneider [Fire]
  • Lumie [Earth]
  • Olivia [Water]
  • Astrid [Earth]
  • Johan [Light]

B Tier

Heroes in this tier are more or less underperformed compared to higher tier heroes. Investing them requires caution and further confirmation from more seasoned players. As of now, most of these heroes should only be used if you truly enjoy them visually or like their skill sets personally.

  • Zaira [Fire]
  • Schneider [Earth]
  • Dhurahan [Earth]
  • Charlotte [Water]
  • Lucilicca [Water]
  • Helga [Fire]
  • Nine [Dark]
  • Joshua [Fire]
  • Dhurahan [Fire]
  • Mei Ling [Fire]
  • Astrid [Water]
  • Laphlaes [Fire]
  • Helga [Dark]

Closing Thoughts – Lord of Heroes Tier List & Best Characters

As you can see from our Lord of Heroes tier list – we value heroes the most whom are F2P friendly and can be obtained earlier than others. Lord of Heroes progression is very slow and demands a lot of resource investment to make any hero playable. 

This is why it’s extremely important to be cautious into which heroes you’re willing to invest in. Although our Lord of Heroes tier list is also subjective, we use several data points to determine how strong and useful the hero is for F2P player.

Make sure to bookmark this page and come back often, as we tend to update our tier lists bi-weekly. If you’re also interested, you can check out Lord of Heroes official Facebook page.

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