Last Cloudia x Dr Stone collaboration starts April 30th

by Gacha Gamer

dr stone collab last cloudia

I Hope you are excited because Last Cloudia is finally getting the highly anticipated anime Dr. Stone collaboration. The game will be undergoing maintenance from 04.30.2020 at 00:00 to 04.30.2019 at 3:00 (PT)

Dr. Stone collaboration introduces Senku and Kohaku as the new collaboration characters which both come with their own Ultimates that you see featured in the anime. Along with the characters also come 2 new Arks. One of the arks depicts the time when Senku woke up first in the woods after his stone form imprisonment. The other ark is where Senku “invents” electricity for the first time. How exciting and cool!

dr stone collab last cloudia

You might be thinking if now is a good time for a new player to start playing Last Cloudia since it has been released for a half a year now. The answer is definite yes – not only has the game streamlined reroll process where you just need to press a single button but you also get a more fleshed out story and even a bigger pool of characters since its release.

If you’re unsure if the game is F2P friendly (free to play) then set aside your fears and understand this – you get enough in-game premium currency if you keep yourself in check and don’t splurge on random banners. Just make sure to save up all the currency you want for amazing collabs such as the one with Dr Stone.

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