How to increase Faith in War of the Visions

by Gacha Gamer

Watch this 1 minute video how to increase Faith.

Faith is an important stat for caster units. Its especially valuable stat for AoE casters like Mediena because her Limit Burst scales directly with Faith and the more she has it, the faster you can farm with her.

One of the mysteries about Faith is how it actually works and how you need to increase it.

Here is a full step-by-step guide how to increase Faith stat

  1. Use Fina. You can hire Fina as mercenary.
  2. Make sure Fina has Cheer Lv 11+.
  3. Start any mission and select one unit you want to increase their Faith.
  4. Perform Cheer all 3 times with Fina on this unit.
  5. Finish up the battle.
  6. Cheered unit should receive from 1-4 Faith points.
  7. Repeat this until you reach max Faith of 97.

This is the only known method currently that allows to increase a unit’s Faith.

Faith is responsible for increasing Magic damage that the unit deals. However, a unit with high Faith stat also takes more damage from enemy Magic attacks. Faith also allows to activate unit Magic Counter abilities more often. Not only that but landing debuffs such as Slow becomes easier if the unit has high Faith. Overall, if your unit is a caster then they need to have their Faith at 97 to fully maximize their performance.

For more information how Faith and Bravery works, credits go to Reddit user hadecynn – check out their post 

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