How to download Fallout Shelter Online if you’re not in the SEA region

by Gacha Gamer

Read this article if you want to learn how to download Fallout Shelter Online because the game doesn’t show up in your country’s Google Play Store. Downloading Fallout Shelter online requires you to use third party services and we will cover them in this next part.

How do I download Fallout Shelter Online?

So to download Fallout Shelter Online, you first need to be an Android user, which means owning an Android phone. If you don’t have Android phone then you need to download an emulator and we prefer using BlueStacks . They will advertise some game on their website but just install the emulator because the game won’t get installed together.

So after you have your Android phone (or emulator) ready, go on and download QooApp which is an app that helps downloading any game from Google Play Store without any country restrictions applied. Once QooApp has been downloaded, open the app and enter “Fallout Shelter Online” and it will show up in several languages (select the one that has English text if you prefer speaking in English). Finally, once the game is installed, enjoy playing Fallout Shelter Online from anywhere in the world.

When is Fallout Shelter Online going to be released worldwide?

There are currently no confirmed dates when Fallout Shelter Online will get a worldwide release. Bethesda seems to be doing an interesting decision and only releasing to the SEA audience but nothing is preventing anyone else from the world accessing the game and playing it without any problems. The only challenge will be once the global release comes out is that your account will be locked into SEA region but maybe talking to support will allow them to transfer your account to your preferred region.

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