Hero Cantare Guide For Smooth Progression

by Gacha Gamer

It’s overwhelming to start playing Hero Cantare because there are many systems and mechanics you need to learn to progress smoothly. We have created a guide that will help you progress faster in Hero Cantare.

Do Relay Missions as soon as possible

A lot of players will do this mistake where they avoid completing Relay Missions just because they are locked out of completing them. The trick to relay missions is that you can actually complete them without accessing them directly. You might’ve noticed that you can’t start accepting rewards of the second tab of relay missions if you’re first one isn’t fully completed. But the rewards are still there, on the second tab. So examine every single tab of the relay missions and complete them as much as possible because they yield insanely good rewards and some of the missions will ask you to do things, like creating relics, where it’s for the best to just use worst relics just for the sake of completing these relay missions.

Do Hero Dungeons daily

Each day you get 10 free tickets to complete Hero Dungeon. The trick to spending these tickets is sticking to just one hero dungeon (for example Ram) and then ascending to the top as much as possible. The rewards get reset daily and so does the dungeon progression. But the higher you ascend, the more serious rewards await you, and splitting your focus between several Hero Dungeons will just dilute the rewards like gold.

Turn unused Hero Memory Stones to Generic Memory Stones

You will not be using all of the heroes and at best you will maintain a solid 6-person team so the rest of the Hero Memory Shards should be converted to generic Memory Stones instead.

Only use Memory Stones for increasing hero’s awakening and star rating

Stones, Hero Memory, or Hero Shard are all part of the crucial awakening and star advancement system. So far, all the generic S, SS, etc. hero memories should only be exclusively used by improving your hero’s awakening and star rating. There are various other things you can acquire with them but the best bang for your buck is to just stick with the sole focus of improving your heroes so you can use them to progress through harder content of the game (such as the Advent Boss) There is one exception for SS Memory Stones because they can be exchanged for any SS Hero Memory shard.

Use SS Memory stones to purchase SS hero shards in the Dimension Store

A well-hidden store exists which lets you exchange your SS memory stones for SS hero shards. Go to the portal and click on the upper tab called Dimension Store. Here you will be able to exchange your hard-earned SS Memory Stones for SS Hero Shards. Be aware, though, that at first, the exchange rate is 1:1 but after 30 or so purchases become 2:1 up to 5:1. This means even if you have 100 SS Memory Stones you are still only able to get about 50 SS Hero Memory shards.

Make use of the free daily summoning

Each day you can do a free summon with a 1-hour cooldown. Make sure to log in at least three times and get those sweet Memory Stones for free! Sometimes you might even get a new hero – who knows!

Do not spend gems on equipment summoning unless you’re P2W

You will be making a big mistake if you decide to spend your gems on equipment summoning. The reason being is that you will only, at best, be getting grade-A equipment. This equipment is for the most part farmable from other game’s content and its better to save those gems and turn them into summons because 750 gems get you 10 summons which yields far better rewards (new heroes and Memory Stones).

Farm materials in story mode

The best way to acquire most of the materials is by just going to the story’s normal mode. You can select region info once you’re in the story mode and look at the section of location and rewards. Pick the most relevant stage and farm it.

Make sure to get 3 stars on all the missions once you have a strong team

Trying to achieve 3 stars on every mission while you’re naturally trying to progress through story mode will be near impossible. The requirements usually ask you to survive with all heroes and most of the time, you will only have leveled, at best, two heroes while the other two will keep dying. Another problem is that one star requires you to finish a stage in less than 4 turns. You will just waste time doing these 3 stars so we highly recommend coming back once you have a powerful team and just go through the story missions and get 3 stars on them. You get gems as rewards for acing these stages.

Take your time to do hard mode with the 10 retries

While the hard mode is challenging at the moment, just by making sure to you retry the stages you fail you can still get some important rewards like the materials to increase your skill levels. You also can get a whopping 300k gold if you just do the 10 retries.

Do not waste your time farming Advent Boss as a new player

Sadly, advent bosses are not for the faint of heart. You need to first invest heavily in building a proper hero team before you can start taking on the Advent bosses. While you’re still a relatively new player, it’s far better if you stick with just farming the story’s normal and hard modes.

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