Guardian Tales Tier List and Reroll Guide

by Gacha Gamer

Welcome to Guardian Tales Tier List and Reroll Guide. In this article, we will cover some of the best heroes and weapons you should be aiming for in Guardian Tales, as well as show you how the reroll process looks like so you can decide which heroes to go for and if it’s worth rerolling for you.

Guardian Tales Reroll Guide

guardian tales reroll guide

You will need to complete story stages and their sidequests up until 1-4. Afterward, do a few rift dungeons and then head to the achievements tab to collect all your rewards. You should have obtained about 2500-2700 Gems by following this guide. You need 2700 Gems to perform 10x Hero or Equip summon in Guardian Tales.

Rerolling in Guardian Tales isn’t easy because you unlock Summon only after beating World 1-4 Forest Border, which can take up to 15 to 30 minutes. When you’re rerolling, you need to decide if you will spend your 2700 Gems on 10x Hero or Equip summons. We recommend you go for weapon summons as you will acquire enough heroes just by playing through the story mode.

However, it also depends on what type of current banner is available in Guardian Tales. For example, when there was a Bari banner rerolling for it was the best choice.

guardian tales tier list and reroll guide

But don’t spend your gems to summon heroes, you can get every hero except few of them for free, and none of the remaining heroes are exciting. Weapons are very important because you want to build your team around any character-exclusive weapons you will get.

Always aim for natural 3-star weapons when rerolling.

Guardian Tales Tier List

It seems that the higher the natural star rating, the more superior the hero will be. This means a natural 3-star hero will outperform a natural 2-star hero. However, obtaining 3-star heroes is not easy in Guardian Tales, thus we have made it so that we still evaluate heroes from every rarity.

guardian tales tier list guide

Another important note about this tier list is that weapons play a very important part in determining the hero’s tier. Thus, this Guardian Tales tier list was created with the weapons in mind. Some heroes and their weapons are extremely powerful and some without their weapons are lackluster. So keep this in mind when you’re rerolling or investing resources into your heroes.

Also, keep in mind that this Guardian Tales tier list evaluates heroes based on their performance in PvP. Beating story mode and other challenge modes are easy to do with almost any hero and weapons, provided you invest enough time and resources into them. But beating other players in Guardian Tales PvP requires strong heroes.

guardian tales pvp

Finally, this Guardian Tales tier list will be using tiers B, A, S, and SS.

SS Tier

Heroes in this tier list are very powerful and make climbing the ranks in PvP very easy. You should aim for these heroes and their weapons if you want to become the top-ranked player.

  • Bari with Mayreel
  • Arabelle with Genocide
  • Marina with Armada

S Tier

Since every hero who is naturally 3-stars is very good, we believe that every one of them deserves to be in this tier. You will likely be able to get these heroes to even SS tier if you obtain their unique weapon from the gacha system.

A Tier

This tier is for natural 2-star heroes who are also equipped with a unique weapon. They are worse than natural 3-star heroes because of the unfair stat advantage they lose out on but having a unique weapon places them in the A tier.

B Tier

Any 2-star hero that is not equipped with a unique weapon is considered a B tier hero. Weapons are very important in Guardian Tales so not having enough legendary weapons to equip on your heroes leaves them wide open for getting countered in PvP.

guardian tales tier list and reroll guide


Rerolling in Guardian Tales takes a long time and there are two ways to reroll – by either summoning heroes or weapons. We recommend summoning weapons. The tier list has shown that natural 3-star heroes are the best with some of the strongest ones being in SS tier with their powerful weapon combinations.

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