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UPDATE – January 2nd, 2021 – This current tier list is slightly outdated, not to mention no new characters since launch have been added. You can expect the revamped tier list to be released once 1.2 concludes with Ganyu’s release. Who knows, maybe even a video will come out 😉

Welcome to Genshin Impact Tier List where you can read about every character in the game and find out who are the top characters.


This is a comprehensive Genshin Impact Tier List that includes full analysis of all characters as well as provides a rank in a tier list. Be sure to read the overview of this tier list before you read anything else.

Genshin Impact Tier List Overview

Genshin Impact, for the most part, is an easy single-player game that provides an open-world for the players to explore. Playing and enjoying your characters is absolutely possible without minding the tier list because the only considerations we take in when evaluating each character are the following:

  • Performance in the Spiral Abyss
  • Performance in other time-trials
  • Performance in Domains

Until Mihoyo adds new challenging content, the rest of the stuff besides The Spiral Abyss and Domains can be done with absolutely any character, which includes World bosses and quests.

There are a total of 5 tiers in this Genshin Impact Tier List: C (Average), B (Good), A (Very Good), S (Excellent), SS (Godlike)

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Genshin Impact Tier List

genshin impact tier list

Scroll below to read about all Genshin Impact characters


C Tier | Role: Support DPS

One of the first party members to join you in the game. Amber’s primary role consists of puzzle solving before you acquire a better archer or pyro user. Her whole design is rather underwhelming since Amber suffers from an identity crisis. Her elemental skill deploys a dummy that pulls aggro from the enemies but only explodes for a minuscule amount of damage.

Her elemental burst, on the other hand, inflicts good damage but so does every other elemental burst of any character. Overall, Amber’s weak damage output and a bad mix of support and burst role make her only worth investing into, if you like her design or prefer playing a low tier character.


A Tier | Role: Main DPS / Support DPS

She is the only character in the game, so far, who can counter enemy attacks. Her elemental skill Tidecaller, allows her to enter a stance that absorbs enemy attacks and upon release, deal a significant amount of damage, depending on how well the timing was. But what truly makes her shine is her elemental burst – she will generate an electric field around her that will apply electric discharge to her attacks.

Switching out to a character with faster attack speed will melt enemies away while the burst is applied. This is because the electric damage scales directly with Beidou’s ATK. This makes Beidou a highly desirable teammate when paired with another character who excels at fast damage dealing, making the damage output insanely high. The only drawback is that her elemental burst has a long cooldown making her less flexible in challenges with long duration.


A Tier | Role: Support DPS

The only thing Bennett excels at is bad luck. At least that’s what the people of Teyvat believe in. But you’ll most likely come to the same conclusion as Bennett’s elemental skill Passion Overload can explode in his face, launching him backward. This disrupts the flow of combat and if you’re fighting on cliffs, chances are, you will fall to your death.

Although the skill has 3 stages and only explodes on the final one, the first two stages deal absurdly low damage compared to the last one. This basically means he can’t really perform the role of a damage dealer.

But that’s ok – he is supposed to be a support instead. His elemental burst creates a field around him, that applies pyro to your attacks and also heals the first character if their health is below 70%. But this puts him in a really weird spot – he can’t deal damage properly and he can barely heal. What’s left are the pyro attacks you can gain.


S Tier | Role: Healer 

One of the few dedicated healers in the game. Because healing scales directly her with HP, she is going to be your most tanky character in the team. Her elemental skill creates a field around her that heals the current character you’re playing with a total of 3 times and you can further heal your team slightly, by dealing damage while under the skill’s effect. Due to the tricky nature of having Wet status on yourself and everyone surrounding you, if you mismanage your cryo or electro attacks you will get frozen or shocked.

Her elemental burst is simply a party-wide heal that restores a significant amount of health. But because of its long cooldown, it’s best to use it in emergency situations. Overall, she is an outstanding support character that will excel at providing heals to your team.


S Tier | Role: Main DPS (Cryo) / Support DPS

Chongyun is currently the only character in the game that can almost consistently provide cryo buff for the team. His elemental skill deals damage to surrounding enemies and leaves a field that converts attacks into cryo damage.

Although he may look like a character destined to be stuck as support, his burst has a low cooldown and low energy cost which makes him a very desirable damage dealer, if only for brief moments. But his damage output, overall, isn’t the greatest and his cryo buff only works for greatsword, polearm, and sword users, which needs to be accounted for when building a team with bow or catalyst characters.

All in all, Chongyun is an excellent choice when building close-combat teams by providing low cooldown support and burst attacks.


SS Tier | Role: Main DPS 

Diluc does one thing and does it well – exceptionally high burst damage. His skill can be used to perform up to 3 flaming slashes which can be mixed together with your regular basic attacks. Essentially, you can perform 3 basic attacks, end it with 1 flaming slash and repeat the process two more times.

On the last constellation upgrade, these flaming slashes no longer interrupt your basic attack combo, which delivers the most damage on the last hit, turning Diluc into a consistent damage dealer. Diluc’s elemental burst releases a wave of energy in the form of a phoenix, knocking enemies away and exploding on its destination. Diluc’s weapon also becomes enveloped in flames making him instead deal Pyro damage.

Overall, he is your top choice for best Pyro damage dealer but to unlock his strongest form requires maxing out his constellation fully, which is regarded to be nearly impossible for F2P players.


SS Tier | Role: Support DPS / Main DPS (Constellation 1+)

This german princess has tamed the power of an electric raven. Although she may look like a character that’s destined to be a support, she’s actually a gifted archer that can dish out some serious damage. Her elemental skill, Nightrider, leaves her raven Oz on the battlefield which deals damage every second and puts Electro status on enemies. Switching to characters that can react to such status can create some powerful combos making FIschl an exceptionally good character to start fights.

Her elemental burst transforms her into Oz himself and for a brief moment, she can travel in raven form, dealing Electro damage to surrounding enemies. After transformation, she leaves Oz behind who will fight for her.

This essentially allows her to keep Oz on the battlefield over 20 seconds – first with skill and then extending the period with her burst. Because Fischl is a 4-star character, she is an extremely F2P friendly and can act as both main damage dealer and support.


S Tier | Role: Support DPS / Healer

The Acting Grandmaster of the Knights herself, Jean is quite a scary lady to have on your team. Her charged basic attack can launch enemies upward with a delayed fall time, making it exceptionally easy to control small groups of enemies. Her elemental skill, on the other hand, is on a whole another level when it comes to having fun.

She can either let out a short Anemo blast that scales very well with her ATK or she can hold the skill and suck the enemies in and blast them away in a direction, perfect for throwing them off in high places for an instant kill. Her elemental burst heals the team and launches enemies and in the air afterward leaving a restorative field that provides continuous health regeneration. Enemies who enter or leave the field get damaged.

Jean is basically a utility character that can provide great burst damage and heal everyone in the process. She can also fill the niche of knocking enemies, which can be especially useful in Spiral Abyss floors with no walls.


C Tier | Role: Support DPS 

The second character that voluntarily joins your party. His fate closely resembles Amber’s – waiting to be replaced by another Cryo user. Although, if you do decide to invest in him, his elemental burst becomes stronger.

Which brings us to his skill kit – he has a simple elemental skill that releases a small blast of Cryo that deals very mediocre damage. His basic attacks are fine for a sword user and his charged attack works similar to the main protagonist’s. But the reason it’s so hard to make Kaeya viable is his elemental burst – it creates icicles around him that damage enemies in a very small area.

Not only that but they also deal underwhelming damage. As mentioned before, getting more constellation upgrades can extend the uptime of the icicles and even increase their damage but ultimately – its highly advised to only invest in him if you enjoy him on a personal level.


S Tier | Role: Main DPS 

Keqing beats her competition when it comes to mobility and speed. Her basic attacks have the fastest delivery and her elemental skill allows her to traverse not only land but air too. She can drop an electrified stiletto on the ground or even mid-air and then use her charge attack to trigger a powerful Electro explosion.

This means she can chain together her charge attack along with her skill to deal impressive damage to enemies. But what’s really exciting is that instead of detonating the stiletto, she can activate the skill again and teleport directly to it, which opens up many exploration and combat possibilities. Finally, her elemental burst makes her vanish and deal surrounding enemies massive Electro damage.

All of these skills come prepacked with short cooldown times and excellent scalable stats, making Keqing one of the deadliest damage dealers in the game.


S Tier | Role: Main DPS

Looks can be deceiving or, rather, explosive. Klee comes from a certain breed of maniacs who enjoy pyrotechnics and big booms. Klee’s elemental skill throws a bouncing bomb that leaves a field of mines after an explosion.

Although enemies caught in these mines only take a small amount of damage, she can actually trigger the skill twice, making it two times dangerous. But the elemental burst is what truly makes her a menace – it will attack enemies around her, dealing considerable amounts of damage while she can still do her basic attacks or throw even more bombs from her skill.

The only downside is that you lose the burst if you switch her out so you need to keep her on the field. Luckily, she performs great as the main damage dealer.


B Tier | Role: Support DPS

You can’t have a gacha game without your typical maneater. Sadly, this is the only part where Lisa excels at. For that, she is definitely an SS Tier character. But when it comes to her elemental skill you need to remain stationary and charge it to deliver damage that’s only as good as how many conductive stacks you’ve applied.

Or the fact that her elemental burst, while has excellent damage, also has a large energy cost and pushes enemies out of its killing zone.

She’s great when you’re starting out and can even act as reasonable Electro support but her lack of survivability, slow cooldowns, and long-setup makes her less desirable for more challenging Spiral Abyss floors. However, if you got lucky and summoned Mona, both of them as a tag team do wonders together.


A Tier | Role: Main DPS / Support

This self-proclaimed astrologist is also the master of water magic. Mona’s elemental skill is similar to Amber’s – she summons a water phantom that pulls the aggro of nearby enemies, dealing continuous hydro damage that also explodes after a set duration.

This is an especially effective skill to be used with Electro or Cryo users to make powerful combos. Holding down the skill allows Mona to move backward swiftly before casting it. Speaking of movement, her dash makes her go underground and travels faster than anyone else in the game.

Her elemental burst traps smaller creatures in a bubble that take increased damage and also have Wet status on them. After the bubble pops, trapped enemies take massive damage. Mona’s playstyle is a mix of support and fast burst damage, so she is an ideal party member to have when trying to go for a more flexible role.


B Tier | Role: Main DPS 

One of the three Geo users that got released with the game. She can gather Star Jades by performing basic attacks that can be unleashed alongside her charged attack. While this is nice, you lose the accumulated Star Jades if you switch to a different character.

But her real damage output comes from a combination of elemental skill and burst. The skill places a Jade Screen that blocks enemy projectiles and deals damage when summoned initially while her elemental burst unleashes a nasty projectile attack that deals increased damage if Jade Screen is already deployed. This combo attack can be achieved quite frequently due to low elemental burst’s low energy cost.

But few things set her back in our Genshin Impact tier list – she is of Geo element, which loses out on interaction with other elements, she also needs to be constantly repositioned to collect Geo crystals to keep the shield up and her basic attack build-up loses potential if you switch her out.

Overall, she is an excellent burst damage dealer that suffers from a few setbacks.


B Tier | Role: Support DPS 

This maid from Knights of Favonius will most likely be in everyone’s roster due to Beginner Wishes. She’s an excellent early game character to use if you’re lacking another greatsword user. Her elemental skill creates a Geo shield around her that persists even when switching to another party member, which can absorb damage and gives Noelle the ability to heal her team on her basic attacks.

The shield also damages surrounding enemies, when activated. Her elemental burst deals a small amount of damage to surrounding enemies and provides Noelle with 15 seconds of the following buffs: basic attacks gain larger reach, the damage is done in Geo element and ATK is increased based on Noelle’s DEF stat.

So essentially, Noelle is supposed to work as a support & burst team member. Raising her DEF benefits both her skill and burst. She ends up as an awkward tank that doesn’t really fit anywhere since her burst is underwhelming and her shield has a long cooldown of 24 seconds.

Due to all of this, she can’t be used competitively in Spiral Abyss.


SS Tier | Role: Support DPS / Healer

A zombie girl that struggles with memory loss. Good thing she doesn’t struggle with demolishing her enemies. Qiqi is the staple healer in Genshin Impact – high damage output paired with excellent healing. Her elemental skill summons an ice herald that follows the field character around, damaging close by enemies in set intervals.

While Qiqi has it, any damage she deals also heals all party members which scales with her ATK. Now, this alone already makes her stand out but the cherry on top comes in the form of her elemental burst. She releases an attack that deals sizeable damage and also tags the enemies with a Talisman.

Any character that attacks tagged enemies in such a way, will heal themselves which means you can start the fight with her burst and then unleash every other party member’s burst without ever worrying of dying, since any damage they receive during their active period will get healed from marked enemies. Qiqi is an amazing healer that brings her own firepower into the fight.


S Tier | Role: Main DPS

Raised by wolves, this Electro user doesn’t mess around with his massive claymore. Razor is high maintenance, high reward character that shows his true potential the longer you keep him on the field.

Razor’s Wolf Within is an elemental burst skill that provides increased attack speed as well as additional Electro damage while also making Razor immune to Electro-Charged status, so he can slash away without worry when standing in a pool of water.

This elemental burst can be re-used very frequently due to how his elemental skill works – each time he uses it, he lands a claw attack on the enemies in front and generates 1 Electro Sigil which increases his Energy Recharge rate.

Gaining more of these sigils allows Razor to quickly regenerate his elemental burst and get back into Wolf Within. Razor’s one and only role is to be the main damage dealer so building a team around him is highly advised. Further testing may reveal he could be SS Tier in our Genshin Impact Tier List.


B Tier | Role: Support DPS

A shy alchemist that brings chaotic potions to the battlefield. Sucrose is a pretty simple character in terms of complexity – both her elemental skill and burst work very similarly – the skill creates a whirlwind that pulls enemies in and damages them, while the elemental burst will do the same except it will pull and launch enemies into air 3 times in a row.

Anemo greatly benefits from elemental absorption so having any other element present (except for a few) will make it deal increased damage. The problem with Sucrose’s elemental burst is that the cooldown and energy requirements are too long.

Equipping her with elemental mastery or any items that provide reduced elemental burst CD could make her more viable but at the moment, her purpose is her elemental burst, unless you unlock her 1st constellation which gives a second charge for her elemental skill.

The Traveler

 (Geo) B Tier | Role: Support DPS

(Anemo) A Tier | Role: Support DPS

The main protagonist of the story or in other words – you. Because the game is launching with two major story arcs, the traveler will unlock two elements – Anemo and Geo and eventually, once we start receiving new content updates, the traveler will be the master of all 7 elements.

This puts your main protagonist in a lucrative position – you can either decide to avoid investing resources or gamble on the 5 unreleased elements. That is because currently, both the Geo and Anemo versions of your hero are lackluster and get outclassed by nearly every other character in this Genshin Impact tier list.

But on the upside, you can unlock a lot of constellations for free, just by progressing through the story, so the traveler will feel very strong until the late game or more difficult floors in the Spiral Abyss. The Anemo version works best with other elements because of the Swirl effect but interrupts combat with the elemental burst which generates a hurricane that pulls enemies away.

The geo version is more focused on support – you can create climbable blocks with the skill or release a wave or crystallized rocks that will remain on the battlefield and block enemy movement and projectiles.

All in all, the Geo version of the traveler is slightly weaker than Anemo and we will see more elemental variations released so if you’re into long-term speculation, it could pay off.


SS Tier | Role: Support DPS

This playful bard will be sought after by many. Venti is in high demand due to how he can efficiently gather all enemies in a single spot. The Spiral Abyss and Domains are feared by many, not because of the monsters that reside within but how much time you’re given to take care of them.

Venti’s biggest selling point is his elemental burst – he fires off an arrow that sucks anyone in along the way and creates a vortex that keeps enemies trapped within it. Gathering enemies in a single spot is one strategy that never fails and Venti has an answer to that. His elemental skill is also useful as he can further keep the enemies locked in air.

Most importantly, his elemental burst has an average energy requirement and pretty low cooldown so with the right equipment and team composition, you can expect to have a reliable vortex almost every time. Venti is an extremely useful support character that will make your quest to climb the top floor of Spiral Abyss more achievable. He is our top pick beginners when reading this Genshin Impact Tier List.


S Tier | Role: Support DPS

The renowned chef of Liyue, Xiangling can be unlocked for free after clearing the Spiral Abyss 3rd floor. She is an excellent supporter that can provide constant Pyro elemental reaction. Her skill summons Guoba – a bear that eats chili pepper and spews fire every few seconds.

Because the range of fire he releases is limited, you will need to carefully consider his positioning. The elemental burst creates fire tornados that revolve around you and will remain even if you switch to another character.

While both, the damage output from Guoba and Pyronado aren’t jaw-dropping the primary purpose of Xiangling is to provide her Pyro to cause elemental reactions. Because she is only one of the few polearm users, her swift basic attack patterns make her useful to land quick finishing jabs on dying enemies.

Overall, she is an excellent choice if you lack any strong Support characters.


??? Tier | Role: Main DPS

TBD, most likely SS Tier if developers didn’t nerf his damage output. We will update our Genshin Impact tier list once we have tested him.


B Tier | Role: Support DPS

While some characters are busy healing others, Xingqiu focuses on mitigating the damage. His primary mechanic revolves around Rain Swords – you generate them by either the elemental skill or burst. These swords remain even when switching to another character.

Once you get damaged, one of these swords shatter and reduces the damage taken and also heals the character based on Xingxiu’s max health. Of course, he also applies Wet from his Hydro attacks which will provide the much-needed support to start elemental chaining.

His elemental burst damages enemies around him while also preventing the swords from shattering for the duration, essentially giving you an infinite supply of them until the burst is over. And of course, this persists even throughout other characters.

He is an interesting character and proves useful for those who need a Hydro support unit that can also mitigate damage. But like with many other games, a character that is a jack-of-all-trades usually ends up as master of none and gets outperformed by anyone who focuses on one role and such is the fate of Xingxiu.

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