Genshin Impact Reroll Guide (Very Fast)

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Welcome to Genshin Impact Reroll Guide where we explain all the steps on how to do a fast reroll.


Unlike many other gacha games, rerolling in Genshin Impact isn’t easy because it involves watching non-skippable cutscenes and you unlock the “Wish” gacha system only after reaching Adventure Rank 5. Because of these reasons, we have determined two efficient methods on how to reroll in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact Reroll Guide

There are currently two efficient methods to reroll in Genshin Impact. Here’s a short summary of each method:

First Method – Adventure Rank 5

  • Duration: ~18 minutes
  • 16 summons
  • Recommended if you want Weapons and would be fine with any 5-star character

Second Method – Adventure Rank 7

  • Duration: ~36 minutes
  • 30 summons
  • Recommended if you want Venti (Limited Character)

It takes almost twice as long to complete the second method than the first one. Here’s how both methods look like.

Adventure Rank 5 (AR5)

You will need to complete Main Story Quests until you reach Adventure Rank 5 and unlock the “Wish” gacha system. When you start the game, just progress through the main story until you receive the following:

  • 1 Acquaint Fate (AF) from Katheryne (Adventurer’s Guild)
  • 1 AF given by the in-game tutorial
  • 10 AF from in-game mail as a reward (when reaching AR5)

Because there are three banners you can summon from (Noelle, Venti, and Normal) you will summon from Noelle first, which only costs 8 AF instead, and then use the remaining ones to summon from the Normal banner. You can also use Masterless Stardust which you gain from summoning and purchase additional AF from the in-game Shop.

Adventure Rank 7 (AR7)

You will need to complete Main Story Quests until you reach Adventure Rank 5 and then do a few more explorations and quests to reach AR7. This is how everything should look like:

  • 1 Acquaint Fate (AF) from Katheryne (Adventurer’s Guild)
  • 1 AF given by the in-game tutorial
  • 10 AF from in-game mail as a reward when AR5 reached
  • 1,600 Primogems reward from in-game mail when AR7 reached

As you can see, the only difference between the two methods is that you get a huge reward for reaching AR7. 1,600 Primogems can be used to purchase 10 Acquaint Fates or 10 Intertwined Fates.

Because it only costs 8 AF to summon from Noelle banner, it’s recommended to do it twice, which results in 20 summons. You use all the remaining Primogems and Masterless Stardust to purchase more AF, or get Intertwined Fates which can be used to summon for Venti.

Credits: Reddit user u/Zealsambitions

Rerolling With Multiple Emails (outdated)

UPDATE: miHoYo have enabled on the global server to create a user account with only username and password. You can later in-game, bind an e-mail address to this account, once you’re happy with reroll results.

It’s highly recommended to “salt” your email address if you’re planning to do a lot of rerolling (at least 10+ times). To put it simply, add to your email address a plus sign at the end, e.g., and then for the next account – and so on. Some servers, which include Google’s gmail, treat anything after the “+” sign as a unique identifier but routes all the emails to the original address. This way, you will only create multiple accounts on the Mihoyo website but only use your 1 original email address.

Best Characters To Reroll For

It’s highly recommended to reroll for any 5-star character. Because the summon chance of a 5-star character is only 0.6% trying to get a specific one can be nearly impossible. However, here are some recommendations for you to follow when rerolling:

  • Easy: Any 5-star character
  • Medium: Any 5-star character and any 4-star character (besides Noelle)
  • Hard: A specific 5-star character (not recommended but you will be a Reroll God if you managed to do it)

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