Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide – 7 Mega Tips

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This Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide only aims to provide the best tips for beginning adventurers – no obvious tips included in this beginner’s guide!

Maximize Your Artifact Sets

Not all artifacts are created equally and the same can be said about their bonuses. Every artifact belongs to a certain set and you activate these sets by either having 2 or 4 same-set artifacts equipped. For example, Gladiator’s Finale 2-piece bonus grants +20% ATK and on 4-piece bonus increase damage dealt with Sword, Claymore, and Polearm by 40%.

Having 4 pieces equipped of Gladiator’s Finale on an Archer or Catalyst user makes no sense and it’s better to utilize the 2-piece set together with another artifact’s 2-piece set, for example, Heart of Bravery gives another +20% ATK.

So keep a close eye on each artifact bonus you gain and try to mix and match sets. And don’t bother with Adventurer set artifacts – they are terrible investments.

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Do Not Level Up 3-Star Artifacts Too Much

Leveling up artifacts requires sacrificing other artifacts (as well as Mora) so the more you progress through the game, the more artifacts you will acquire. Another major aspect of artifacts is that they give huge stat boosts and the difference between 3-star and 4-star artifact in terms of stats is quite staggering.

We only recommend for you to increase 3-star Artifacts up to +4 because they can still give a nice enough boost when you’re just starting out and won’t eat up too many resources.

Once you start acquiring more and more 4-star artifacts, start switching them out with 3-star artifacts. The max level an artifact can have is +16 and we only recommend doing this to Feather artifacts (main stat increases ATK).

How Not To Fall To Your Death When Climbing Mountains

Climbing mountains is going to be part of your daily life in Genshin Impact. You will notice that stamina can run out pretty quickly and falling to your death becomes inevitable.

To prevent yourself from instant death, if you see that you’re about to run out of stamina while climbing, disengage from climbing (keybind X on PC) and immediately do a downward attack (press attack mid-air).

You should now fall down without taking damage and maybe take out some enemies along the way! Yay for reading this Genshin Impact Beginner’s Guide!

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All Characters Are Good At Something

Every character in the game has 3 passive talents, one of which usually isn’t combat-related. For example, Amber’s passive talent decreases Stamina Consumption by 20% when gliding so this can prove extra useful for those pesky gliding challenges!

Another character you will unlock for free once you beat the 3rd Floor of Spiral Abyss is Xiangling. Her passive talent has a 12% chance to create twice the amount of food when cooking, making her extremely important when cooking rarer food.

There are many more characters worth exploring and using, so always make sure to examine them and find out what passive talents they have.

Use Teleportation To Avoid Death

If you notice you’re about to die in an open-world fight you can rely on teleportation to save the day.

Teleportation is very simple, all you need to do is open up your map and select any of the Shrines of the Seven, Domains, or Teleportation points and, well, teleport there

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The Best Way To Heal Your Entire Party

Once you progress more into the game, enemies will start dealing some serious damage with some of them being able to one-shot you. While there are several ways to restore HP, for example, using a healer character or eating food, the best and fastest way is actually the one that many players forget.

You can teleport directly to a Statue of the Seven and stand near it to recover every party member’s HP. Not only that, anyone who was killed will now also get revived.

Keep in mind that you will need to talk to the statue to enable the automatic healing when starting near it, else you will have to go each time into a dialogue to request healing.

One last thing – abusing the healing system from the Statue of the Seven has its limits. You will see a progress bar that shows how much healing you used up.

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Use Original Resin To Speed Up Your Adventure Rank Level

Original Resin in Genshin Impact is your “energy” system that many mobile gamers will be familiar with. Completing Domains, fighting World Bosses and opening Ley Line deposits requires Original Resin. It is highly recommended to never keep Original Resin at max 120/120 cap because you’re losing out on valuable adventurer rank experience.

The best and fastest way to spend all your Original Resin would be by opening Ley Line Deposits. There are two types of deposits – Mora and Adventurer EXP. It is better if you go for Mora since almost everything in the game requires money.

What’s nice about Ley Line Deposits is that each fight takes only a few minutes and grants 100 Adventure Rank EXP so if you start the game by logging in and spending all 120 Original Resin, you will end up with 6 completed Ley Line Deposits (20 Original Resin each) and 600 Adventurer Rank EXP.

There’s a simple calculation in Genshin Impact, where every 20 Original Resin gives 100 Adventure Rank EXP, no matter what type of activity you do. But by doing the fastest Ley Line Deposit for Mora will give you a lot of Adventure Rank EXP quickly.

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