Gacha Games Like Epic Seven

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Epic Seven is currently one of the most popular mobile hero collector games on the market and in today’s article, we’ll be sharing with you more gacha games like Epic Seven.

Another Eden

gacha games like epic seven

Another Eden is quite unique from other mobile games in this list because it’s a single-player RPG game where it puts most focus on storytelling. It’s an adventure through time and space of a man named Algo who’s looking for a way to unify the past, present, and+ the future.

You collect new characters in Another Eden through the gacha system. All of the 5-star characters have their own unique side stories that you can complete and obtain rewards. You can also collect hundreds of different cute kittens which got displaced by an unknown time-traveling force.

Combat is turn-based and places heavy emphasis on increasing the ultimate meter which allows you to unleash powerful attacks on your enemies.


gacha games like epic seven

Onmyoji is not your typical generic fantasy gacha game and instead heavily draws its inspiration from the ancient Japanese period mixed with some folklore mysticism. The main character of Onmyoji is Abe no Seimei who is out on a quest to redeem his lost memories.

The gacha system features spirit servants called shikigami who you summon and use in your battles. The combat itself is turn-based and has a power bar system like Epic Seven where you can charge up more powerful ultimate skills.

Tales of Crestoria

gacha games like epic seven

Tales of Crestoria comes from the popular “Tales of” game series but this time for the mobile gaming market. It features a unique story with heavy social commentary on cancel culture and mob mentality.

You will be able to summon from the gacha system a lot of iconic characters from previous Tales games. Team building is quite simple but you will be able to obtain a lot of SSR (rarest) characters because the chance of obtaining them from the gacha is a whopping 5%.

Combat is turn-based but you get a full turn to execute all your attacks and abilities. There is a combo system where you get stronger for performing longer combo attacks.

Exos Heroes

similar games to epic seven

Exos Heroes is one of the prettiest looking 3D mobile gacha games on this list. The story follows a treasure hunter who is a captain of an airship. You explore various fantastical locations and meet various endearing characters.

The gacha system features special Fate Core heroes which are alternate reality versions of themselves. For example, there are quite a few male muscular heroes and they have their cute little girl alternate versions from a different reality.

Combat, like Epic Seven, is turn-based but focuses on the puzzle-solving aspect. You need to break enemy guardian stones using different heroes to achieve powerful ultimate attacks.

King’s Raid

similar games to epic seven

King’s Raid story focuses on a knight in training hero who seeks to find his mysteriously disappeared family member. It features smooth 3D graphics and real-time auto-combat gameplay where you can activate awesome abilities.

There is no gacha system in King’s Raid but it is a hero collector. You can purchase any of the heroes you want by using free premium currency. You can also temporarily hire heroes from the inn.

King’s Raid gacha game like Epic Seven has a robust equipment system that is the main source of increasing your team’s power.

Fate/Grand Order

gacha games like fgo

Fate/Grand Order is more than 5 years old now and it’s still one of the most popular gacha games. It has one of the strongest stories in the mobile gaming market.

Combat system requires you to mix and match hero cards to achieve various attack bonuses. There are hundreds of different heroes you can summon from the gacha. You will be busy with all of these heroes creating interesting teams.

If you’re looking for gacha games like Epic Seven, then check out Fate/Grand Order. It has tons of content and you will be busy playing it for years.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

7ds more games

Also known as 7DS – this has become one of the most popular gacha games on the market. Based on the popular Seven Deadly Sins anime series, 7DS features gorgeous 3D graphics and exciting turn-based combat.

In Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross you can watch the anime series inside the game which uses its own 3D engine. Anyone who hasn’t seen the anime can still play the game and learn about it as they go.

You can customize your favorite anime characters with different weapons, helmets, and costumes. The gacha system is also quite generous with its premium currency and summons rates.

Summoners War

gacha games like summoners war

Summoners War is the granddaddy of hero collector games. Back when it got released in 2014 it’s still going strong even in 2020. The story is quite generic but the massive roster of heroes and exciting gameplay modes is what makes the game so successful.

In Summoners War you summon monsters and heroes who can be of various different elements. You then equip these heroes with runes and they play a major role in your team’s growth. You can also build structures in your sky island which boosts your team’s strength.

Summoners War is one of the gacha games like Epic Seven that got inspired from. Rune system and combat both draw heavy influence from the Summoners War. So if you want the OG of hero collector games to experience, check out Summoners War.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of hero collector games out there. Gacha games like Epic 7 are aplenty and we’ve shown you top mobile games we believe will interest you. Most of these games on the list are turn-based, are hero collectors, and feature a unique storyline. Of course, matching Epic Seven’s outstanding 2D graphics is quite impossible but exploring new mobile games never hurts.

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