Fastest Way To Farm Blue Faint Memory In War of The Visions

by Gacha Gamer

Check out this 40 second video how to fast farm Blue Faint Memory 

FFBE: War of the Visions demands a lot of time and resources in order to advance in the game and one of the first challenges that comes to maxing out your units are the Faint Blue Memories that you need to acquire in order to level past job levels 4-6.

The fastest way to farm Blue Faint Memory is by completing a story mission called False Accusations. There is a tightly packed group of enemies that stand very close to the deployed units. This advantage can be easily exploited by strong AoE units like Mediena or Y’shtola.

Here is a full step-by-step guide how to farm Faint Blue Memory:

  1. Have AoE farmer (Medien, Y’shtola etc.)
  2. Select mission False Accusations (Chapter 1 Scene 3 Battle 3) OR A Fighting Retreat 1 (Chapter 2 Scene 2  Battle 1)
  3. Turn on Auto toggle.
  4. In Battle Settings make sure Speed-Up is x1.5
  5. Toggle so that Ability Effects are set to OFF
  6. Start the mission

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