Fallout Shelter Online Guide

by Gacha Gamer

In this Fallout Shelter Online guide, we’ll be taking look at several tips and tricks that we believe will benefit you the most, especially if you’re a new player. We have consulted with various experienced players from Fallout Shelter Online subreddit and gained crucial knowledge to write Fallout Shelter Online guide for you.

Guide Introduction

If you’re a new player, this is what happens. The game will start with a quick tutorial that explains the basic mechanics of the game. You will learn about things like getting new dwellers, giving them assignments, and venturing outside the Vault. The trick to this whole tutorial is that once you’re finished with it, the number of vault dwellers decreases (we won’t spoil why) and suddenly you are forced to deal with this tough situation all by yourself. We highly recommend you first acquaint yourself with the foundational knowledge of Fallout Shelter Online before you start expanding your Vault.

Make sure to assign tasks before closing the game

We first start off with the most important tip in this guide – don’t close your game without any leftover assignments. While no one can harm you when your game is turned off you are still able to expand your Vault and even delve deeper into the wasteland. You can even raise more children. Just make sure before closing the game to assign your dwellers into vacant rooms so that they can keep gaining resources for you. And, once you’re back at the game – voila, now you’re capped with all the resources.

Use the objectives as a guiding hand

After you’re done with the tutorial you might get a little overwhelmed not knowing where to start. Using the objectives as a way of playing the game at least for the first few days is a really good strategy. Since a lot of the initial objectives will be simple and won’t require tons of resources. Probably the biggest selling point of doing them is that you receive caps and lunchboxes as rewards. Try to create a new Vault once you have acquired a Legendary dweller from the lunchboxes.

Utilize your Legendary or Epic dwellers

Once you acquire your first Legendary dweller, immediately start sending them to explore the wastelands. The trick to getting the most out of your legendary dweller is to recall them as soon as they find few items to redistribute the findings to other vault dwellers.

As the saying goes – Clothes make the man.

Once you acquire any new costumes, make sure to give them to your dwellers so that they can be more productive and generate more resources.

Prevent your dwellers from dying by leveling them

You might have noticed that along with Perks and Skills each dweller comes with their own experience bar. Having a high-level dweller is crucial to making them endure more challenging content so make sure to level them as much as possible. It is especially easy at the start to make them gain at least a few levels and later on, you will notice a level icon hanging over their heads. Click on it. Your dweller just leveled up. Now they are ready to face more disasters and shoot raiders in the face.

Don’t fret when you get ambushed by disasters

Sometimes, you will get hit by a disaster. It’s totally random and out of your control. That’s why they are called disasters. One of the rooms might get set on fire or an army of radroaches will invade your Vault. Keep Calm and Assign Dwellers to fight these new menaces. Just make sure to focus on solving these disasters that are nearest to the Vault door. One of the key tips would be to upgrade the Vault door as much as possible to protect yourself from these disasters from occurring.

Fulfill your dwellers’ desires

When you start playing the game, you won’t have that many dwellers. You must take notice of what they prefer doing. Assign them to the rooms they are most happy working at. This way, you get to control how they progress and on top of that, you will be getting better production results.

Grow the population of your dwellers

You need to keep increasing the number of your dwellers and the fastest way of doing that is by getting the female dwellers pregnant. It’s especially easy to do that because you start with a good chunk of resources. You will also unlock new things like the radio. Just keep in mind that offspring require the same amount of resources as the adults to stay alive and the pregnant lady dwellers are not able to do anything against enemies.

Stop smashing that Rush button

We understand how tempting it is to get more resources with just a single tap but you need to remain cool-headed and only Rush if the odds of the incident occurring are over 50%. Call it a coin flip. If it lands to your odds, you end up with more caps, experience, and resources. If it fails, well, you now need to put out another fire and halt the whole development of your Vault. So be careful and exercise caution when Rushing.

Focus on creating Triple Rooms

When you start playing the game you get a fair amount of essential rooms for creating Electricity, Water, etc. Take your time and plan ahead accordingly. If you think you want two rooms generating Water, then place them close to each other to merge them and leave one more room ready for the third room expansion since you get the best results with triple merged rooms.

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