Exos Heroes Beginner’s Guide

by Gacha Gamer

This guide is intended for new players who want to reach the end game as smoothly and efficiently as possible. But any paying players or players who want to take their time should still use this guide. You will find this beginner’s guide useful sooner or later.

This guide will be written assuming there are no launch rewards/pre-registration rewards (there will likely be some sort of rewards at launch, so you may be able to use your summons sooner than written in this guide).


Obviously, heroes are all different, but even heroes of the same rarity level have all different stats (attack, defense, health, etc.) and even differing CP. Most of the heroes found in the index can be obtained through summons. However, a select few from Rare, Legendary, and Fate can only be obtained through a special kind of summon which we’ll go over later.

The amount of stars shown under each hero represents their max level, in multiples of 15. For example, a 1* hero will be able to reach a maximum of level 15. A 2*, 30, and so on. The maximum level any hero can achieve is 100. “But Fate heroes only have 5*? How can a 5* hero reach level 100 when their max level is 75?”. The maximum number of stars a hero can obtain is actually 6*, one more than Fate heroes. “But that still only gets to 90?”. That’s right, but I’ll go over that in a bit. “Okay, then how can I ‘star up’ my heroes?”. There is only one way and a few conditions have to be fulfilled. First, you need to reach their max level whether it’s 15, 30, 45, 60, or 75. Then, you need to enhance them. “Well, how do I do that?”. You can do it using dragons

Tips and Tricks

Here are some things we need to go over before we get start the guide:


At best, you’ll be able to clear about half the story on your first day. Don’t feel bad, that’s just how the game is.


We cannot emphasize this enough. The sooner you progress through the story, the more resources, and better gear/item options you will have available to you, and the faster you will progress.

Dump any notion of using the storyline heroes to progress.

They are nowhere near as powerful or useful right now. Your intention is to push through as much of the story as possible. You will need them eventually but their relatively weak stats and stat growth will only SLOW YOU DOWN! We will need AT LEAST a full team of 5, naturally 4-star heroes (nat4) or stronger (nat5).


You gain access to exploration from very early on. It will allow you to gain experience and other resources while you afk/sleep. Exploration uses stamina and stamina recharges to full fairly quickly because your cap is low. Try to use exploration as often as possible early on, basically prevent your stamina from capping, because clearing the story doesn’t use stamina and it’ll provide a small experience boost.

Leveling your heroes is the FASTEST WAY to progress

Don’t invest too many experience resources (scrolls) on your strongest (nat5) heroes. That will severely slow you down because it gets increasingly expensive to level them. Try to level your story progression team as evenly as possible because the extra CP gained from levels will be highly beneficial to your speedy progress.

Make sure to try to 3 star every episode, so you have enough Xes/Jess to purchase an advanced banner pull (only 3 allowed per month).

Collect anything and everything from your inbox.

Collect all rewards from achievements and task completion.

You should be trying to buy your rate up summons (you are only allowed 3 of these per month) ASAP!!! Getting fated and/or legendary heroes sooner will significantly ease the burden of story clearance difficulty. So every chance you get 700 Xes buy a rate up summon and add any fate/legendary heroes to your progression team. The sooner you level them, the more you will be able to clear. An optimal start would be Bernadette, Sabrina, Baraka, and/or Anastasia, but not entirely necessary. We did this with Sabrina + 4 legendary heroes.

*Assuming you’re collecting all of your Xes/Jess from story clearance (3 starring each episode), your inbox, and achievements (found on your airship), you should be able to buy your first-rate up summon about halfway through chapter 1 (Ch. 1 has about 15 episodes, so you should be able to buy your first summon at least before episode 10)

You should be able to purchase your 2nd summon after clearing 2-7 (chapter-episode)

And you should be able to purchase your 3rd and final summon after clearing 3-15. ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR PROGRESSION TEAM YOU CAN STOP 3 STARRING EPISODES AND JUST FOCUS ON CLEARING!!

Try not to use resources to level your starter heroes, use them on your story progression team, and try not to level your starter heroes too much in the beginning. Level them just enough so you have enough CP to clear the episode.

If you managed to pull any fate heroes (gold-bordered) or purple bordered heroes (legendary) use them for your main team. Now ask discord for help in optimizing your team with a screenshot of your hero inventory. A healer is nice but not necessary if you’re able to clear stages on EASY clear difficulty. You may have to reroll using a different e-mail address for a chance at better rolls. (Check discord for optimal rolls) Once you’ve got your team set. Use scrolls to level them up, somewhat equally. DO NOT JUST FEED ALL YOUR EXP SCROLLS INTO ONE HERO.

Story Progression Guide

After clearing 2-7 you gain access to 4 daily quests. DO NOT COMPLETE THEM YET. The number of daily quests available to you increases by 1 for every NEW zone (there are 5 zones in total) you progress to, to a maximum of 8, AND the quality of the rewards also increases as you progress.

After clearing 2-11 to 3-1 you gain access to most of your daily dungeons. DO NOT CLEAR THEM YET. You’re given only 3 tickets per day. You can always buy more with sunstones but they get increasingly expensive as you buy more. You also gain access to higher difficulty dungeons the more you progress through the story. So we’re going to push as far as we can before we jump into dungeons. Let’s just try to avoid dungeons for now and rely on exploration BUT MAKE SURE to clear them before you’re ready to log off. Try to PLAN AHEAD.

Chapter 3 is when you may start running into some minor CP issues where you’ll see clear difficulty at “normal” but nothing to make clearing near impossible.

3-4 is a no-break episode. Make sure to clear this one quickly because of the turn limit and don’t carry anyone that can break fire or machine.

After clearing 3-15, you should be able to purchase your 3rd and final monthly banner. Check with discord if you can progress through the story with your pulls or if you should reroll.

Make sure to keep applying scrolls to your team evenly.

Chapter 4 is where you’ll really start to feel the push for CP. Try to do some exploration for a small exp boost to your team. One level across your team can make a huge difference.

Now that you’ve really hit a wall what do you do?

Complete the “challenge assignments” in the top left-hand corner as well as the Festa. You get rewards for completing certain tasks and clearing certain episodes. Some of the rewards are tickets. That’s how we got to do Sanctum of Experience 12 times in 1 go.

Once you get through all those challenges. Only use up the tickets for the sanctum of experience. All other dungeons you should only clear ONCE. This should let you clear SoE up to 12 times and boost yourself to finish chapter 4.

  • SoE = Sanctum of Experience (exp dungeon)

  • SoS = Sanctum of Spirit (enhancement dungeon)

We cleared up to 5-7 and 5-8 was normal for me. So we did Sanctum of Spirit 9 times for mats to enhance our main team’s CP slightly and now 5-8 was at EASY. We were able to clear up to 5-11 in the end.

Things to remember:


ONLY do dungeons/daily quests/rewards/assignments when you GET STUCK. You have limited attempts, so use your resources wisely. Remember your dungeon attempts cap out at 9 for the first 6 dungeons listed EXCEPT for the hero story dungeon, so make sure to keep your tickets at most at 6 before you log off.

By now you should have a good grasp on how to progress swiftly and intelligently. We hope you can use these little tricks to make your progression more efficient. We hope this beginner’s guide was helpful but if you have any further questions be sure to ask us in the comments. Cheers and happy gacha gaming!

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