Epic Summoners 2 Tier List Guide

by Gacha Gamer

Welcome to Epic Summoners 2 Tier List where we evaluate each hero based on their skills and stats. Use this tier list as a Epic Summoners 2 beginner’s guide so you can know which hero is worth getting and investing into.

Epic Summoners 2 Tier List Overview

There’s a lot of 5-star heroes in Epic Summoners and that is because this is a direct sequel to Epic Summoners so there are more heroes than you would expect in your typical idle RPG gacha game. Each hero belongs to one of four classes: Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Priest. Each of them will have HP, ATK, DEF, and SPD.

But what separates Epic Summoners 2 from other hero collector games are the team-up attacks. They are really cool and get triggered when pairing certain heroes together. There’s also a Pet system that where you can equip a single pet for your team of 6 heroes. There are pets like Natural, Dark, and Light.

In this tier list, we will be overviewing all 5-star heroes because almost all of them each have 3 to 4 skills (passive or active) and prove to be superior compared to 3-star and 4-star heroes.

In this Epic Summoners 2 Tier List we will be using tiers B, A S, and SS. A hero who works really well in Arena, Dragon Tower and Adventure Gate (story mode) get an SS tier.

Without further ado, here is the Epic Summoners 2 Tier List:

SS Tier

Heroes in SS Tier are very good in all the Epic Summoners 2 content: Arena, Dragon Tower, Story mode. They also have very powerful skills that are far better and useful compared to other heroes. The only difference between SS and S tier heroes can be the team-up combos and sometimes an S tier will outperform SS tier hero if they are placed in a better team combo.

epic summoners 2 tier list guide

S Tier

Very good heroes, well-rounded skills and can do any content without too much stress. Their team-up combos can also be very deadly.

epic summoners 2 tier list guide

A Tier

Pretty good heroes but some of their skills are lackluster and thus get placed in this tier. They are still almost S tier heroes and with the right team up combo can increase their value by tenfold.

epic summoners 2 tier list guide

B Tier

Nice to have heroes but definitely not worth investing in unless you get unlucky and constantly keep getting B tier heroes. Still, if you enjoy how they look and just want to have fun with your favorite heroes that are in B tier – no problem, it’s just a game, after all!

epic summoners 2 tier list guide

Wrapping Up

As you see in this Epic Summoners 2 Tier List guide, we’ve covered a lot of 5-star heroes. Please keep in mind that these tier lists are only based on our own opinion, experience, and the consultation we’ve received from other veteran players.

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