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Check out this Date a Live Spirit Pledge tier list that gives you an overview of all the characters’ tier ratings. Date a Live: Spirit Pledge tier list for those who are newbies and want to learn about best characters.

The officially licensed Kadokawa’s anime dating sim / action RPG Date a Live Spirit Pledge has been released worldwide on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The game features a fresh take on romantic visual novel formula by including different elements of other mobile gacha games. The mobile world of DAL comes alive in this exciting game where you get to romance Spirits.

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Tier List Overview

You can collect various characters called Spirits in Date a Live Spirit Pledge. There are various rarities, ranging from B to SS.  Currently, in Global version, the rarest rank is S. Gameplay is focused on side-scrolling brawler style of combat. You will need to beat enemies in different Stages (Storyline, Daily, Event, Theatre). You can also go on dates with your Spirits.

In this article, we have created the Date a Live Spirit Pledge tier list featuring the best and top-tier characters, which are also called Spirits.

Characters in this Date a Live Spirit Pledge tier list are arranged in the following tiers; B Tier (Average), A Tier (Good), S Tier (Very Good), SS Tier (The Best)

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Tier List

You will mostly acquire the Date a Live Spirit Pledge strongest spirits from the gacha. We evaluate Spirits based on their skills, stats and Angel.

Angels are the weapons that Spirits have and you can upgrade these weapons using various fragments that you acquire by farming stages.

Without further ado, here are the spirits and their evaluations.

Shekinah Tohka

date a live spirit pledge tier list

This version of Tohka comes equipped with two Angels and a unique combo system. Activating her skills requires you to input the correct sequence of A and B attacks. She’s also got a deadly ultimate skill where she jumps into the air and damages all the enemies on screen. It will require some time to learn to get adjusted to her combo attack system but once you’re there – she will wipe the floor with enemies. She’s also able to debuff her enemies and reduce their defense increasing her overall damage output.

Tier – SS

Tohka Yatogami

dal sp tohka

This is the first Spirit you will obtain in the game. There’s just nothing amazing about her. Even worse, her first skill requires you to charge it up leaving you open to enemy attacks. Her offensive output is average at best and even her ultimate attack doesn’t deal that much damage compared to other Spirits. Worst case scenario, you use her in stages with a lot of shielded enemies since her passive lets her deal more damage to these types of enemies.

Tier – B

Ellen Mira Mathers

dal sp ellen

One of the antagonists of the game – Ellen is the lightning fast Spirit that mercilessly deals with her enemies. Ellen uses Magic which increases her damage performance. Magic is also used to activate her skills. She also has a chance to inflict Bleed on enemies which deals periodic damage to them based on percentage of her attack. She can Counter enemies with one of her skills which sometimes can come in handy. Overall, her skills and damage output are really good, although at times, building up Magic will delay some important skill executions, especially when there’s enemies coming from both sides.

Tier – S

Yuzuru Yamai


Yuzuru utilizes the Wind energy so there is no cooldown for her skills and you can spam her skills as long as she has enough Wind. She has decent skills and her ultimate in particular deals quite heavy damage. The drawback of her Wind energy is that its fixed – it regenerates over time and if you mismanage your skills when there’s a lot of enemies around, you could end up in a bad situation.

Tier – S

Origami Tobiichi

date a live spirit pledge Origami

You will receive this version of Origami after completing part of Story mode. She is quite decent and like certain other spirits, her skills are only limited by her unique resource, which is Energy. But she does start out the battle with max Energy so she can immediately start unleashing her skills. Her damage isn’t the most amazing but she can get the job done and it’s quite easy to invest into her rather than some more rare Spirits.

Tier – S

Kurumi Tokisaki

date a live spirit pledge tier list

The first thing that makes Kurumi stand out from the rest of the Spirits are the insane stats that she comes with.  She has a strong grasp on the trifecta of Attack, Combo and DPS along with fleshed out Support. Her basic attack deals good damage and has a nice finisher of attacking from both sides. Finally, her ultimate skill slows all on screen enemies and deals decent damage to them. By slowing down the enemies you get an easier time finding more openings to build up your combos.

Tier – SS

Kotori Itsuka

dal sp kotori

When it comes to big weapons, Kotori’s got you covered. She carries around with her a massive axe that can transform into a huge cannon. She builds up Rage and her ultimate allows her to switch from her axe to the cannon. She has a robust range of skills since there are two versions of them: both for axe and the cannon. She’s an incredibly strong Spirit with a complex skill set.

Tier – SS

Mana Takamiya

Mana dal sp

This version of Mana will steal your Thunder to power up her own skills. That’s right, Mana will use Thunder energy that regenerates on its own and can also be increased by just performing basic attacks. Her skill kit is pretty decent and she can dish out some good damage but you need to keep the tempo going, meaning if you drop your combos or start the fight fresh, you will need time to build up her Thunder up so she can be at her peak performance.

Tier – S

Mana Cr-Unit Vánargandr

mana dal spirit pledge

This version of Mana uses wolf-like body armor and delivers lightning fast attacks. She starts out each fight with max Energy and has a chance to make enemies take even more damage by Overloading them. But she does have her own set of weaknesses. First of all, her stats are average at best. Second – her skill kit is too vanilla and doesn’t offer anything useful besides just building combos. Finally, her ultimate attack is quite weak even if it does target all enemies on stage. She is an average performer at best.

Tier – B

Kaguya Yamai


Kaguya is the weaker twin of the Yamai sisters. While she has pretty good stat distribution and her skills are decent, she gets held back by her 2nd skill which is the tornado attack that barely deals any damage and costs a whopping 1/3rd of her Wind Energy reserves. Overall, her damage performance is acceptable but her skill kit is left to be more desirable.

Tier – B

Miku Izayoi

date a live spirit pledge tier list

This pop star idol now turned Spirit brings into the battlefield the joy of music. Miku carries with her the power of musical notes. Each time she activates one of her skills, she gains one musical note and when she reaches 8 notes her next skill will damage all enemies with a nice attack increase bonus. She does lack in the combo department based on her stat distributions but some of her skills damage compensate for that. She also has an interactive ultimate attack where you will need to play a mini-rhythm game.

Tier – A



Yoshino is quite good, even though you obtain her as a freebie from the campaign. First of all, collecting her shards is very easy, so as a beginner player you can upgrade her rank quite fast. Yoshino also doesn’t need any resource to activate her skills so the only limitation is the cooldown period. By activating her skills, you will gain Snowflakes and when you have 10 of them, you will freeze all enemies on stage by creating a Winter Storm.

Yoshino’s whole skill kit focuses on slowing down enemies and creating time for yourself to avoid their attacks and build up combos. She doesn’t deal the most amazing damage but she is a very good choice for any beginner player. Also, her Angel is a giant bunny so you can’t go wrong with that.

Tier – S

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Tier List Closing Thoughts

That’s all for this article on Date a Live Spirit Pledge Tier List. Even though some characters do get placed lower in the tier list, that doesn’t mean they are bad. There’s a lot of experimenting that needs to be done, especially with the Sephira and support combinations. It’s entirely possible that B Tier character could become S tier with the right Sephiras equipped.

You can follow latest updates about DAL Spirit Pledge from their Twitter handle.

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