Date A Live Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide – Step by Step For Best Reroll

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Date a Live Spirit Pledge, also known as DaL Spirit Pledge is the newest action/dating sim gacha game for the mobile market. Read to learn about Date a Live Spirit Pledge reroll guide.

Disclaimer: Because it’s not yet clear how to reroll effectively, we will list our anticipated DaL Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide by relying on the reports of the Chinese player base. Once the game goes live on July 26th, 2020 (UTC -7) we will update this article. But for now, keep reading to learn about the best characters you can reroll for on Android and iOS devices.

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Reroll Guide Overview

Because your data gets locked-in early on, we highly advise you to use multiple accounts. If you attempt to log in with a guest account, your device will bind the game’s data. Sometimes, the game will prevent you from logging in as a guest, depending on your region. In this case, use a temporary email address or any of the 3rd party accounts such as Facebook, Apple, or Google.

We highly recommend for you to create multiple Gmail accounts for this reroll guide. You will use your Gmail account to log in to the game, complete tutorial, and summon from gacha. If you’re not happy with the results, you can log out and use another email account.

date a live spirit pledge reroll guide

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Reroll Step by Step

Here are the steps you should take – first, log in with a new email (you can also use Facebook) and press to connect to the server. Once you’re in story mode, you will need to clear the first stage, and then you will need to skip the rest of the tutorial by clicking the “Skip” button on the upper part of the screen.

Once you’re free from tutorials, head over to your in-game mailbox and collect pre-registration gifts. Then go to the gacha and select to summon Characters (make sure you’re not summoning Sephiras, which are totally different from Characters).

If you’re not happy with the spirits you got from gacha, then log out from the game. Now, enter a new Facebook or email account and start from the beginning. It shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes to complete a full Date a Live Spirit Pledge reroll.

Also, the data of Date a Live Spirit Pledge is almost 3GB so don’t attempt to clear it since then you will need to re-download it all over again. Just stick to emails or Facebook account cycling.

DaL Spirit Pledge Reroll – Top Spirits To Reroll For?

Try to reroll for Kurumi because she has really good stats and skills. You can also aim for Tohka Full Armor as she can deal heavy damage and has a fun combo system.

That is all we can share with you for now in this Date a Live Spirit Pledge Reroll guide. Try to aim for the top tier characters and be smart when switching accounts.

You can follow latest updates about DAL Spirit Pledge from their Twitter handle.

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