Date a Live Spirit Pledge Beginner’s Guide – Date Guide & Fast Level Up Tips

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Welcome to Date a Live Spirit Pledge Beginner’s Guide. In this article, we will tell you how to level up fast and give you the best date guide.

Get Every Spirits’ Favor To 100 From This Date a Live Spirit Pledge Date Guide

The first thing you should do is increase every Spirits favor to 100 in Date a Live Spirit Pledge. You can do so by going with them on Daily Dates or gifting them food and items. By increasing Spirit’s Favor to 100, you will be able to redeem their first favor award which gives 100 Diamonds and some high-quality food which can be used to further increase their favor.

There are few kinds of dates in Date a Live Spirit Pledge but you need to only focus on one of them – Daily Dates. Each day, you can go on 3 dates with any of the Spirits. You can further increase the date amount by using date tickets, which can be done up to 2 times.

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Daily Dates let you unlock different endings and for the most part, they don’t have any effect on your progress in the game. You do get awarded favor and mood points for the spirit you go on a daily date with.

date a live spirit pledge date guide

The last part of this Date a Live Spirit Pledge Date guide consists of you working different jobs. These jobs serve two purposes – to gain materials for creating food or handcrafted items. And for increasing your skills such as Carefulness or Dexterity which allow you to craft higher tier items.

For example, working In the Flower Shop and selecting the 1-hour job to Untangle Threads will increase your carefulness by 1 point after completing it.

In short – work the jobs to gain materials and use them to craft more gifts so you can increase your spirits favor and redeem rewards and always make sure to use all 3 daily dates each day. Date a Live Spirit Pledge Tohka Date Guide no.1 tip would be to follow the above.

Advance As Much As Possible In Endless Corridor

Date a Live Spirit Pledge Endless Corridor is one of the most important game modes you’ll need to master. You will fight stage after stage full of enemies and bosses to collect Infinity Shards. These Date a Live Spirit Pledge Infinity Shards can be turned into Infinity Gems which also get awarded each time the Endless Corridor gets reset.

After each reset, you get awarded Infinity Gems based on how far you advanced in the Endless Corridor. Not to mention you also get Date a Live Spirit Pledge Diamonds and Gold. Obviously, you want to have progressed as much as you can, since Infinity Gems are so hard to acquire and you will always need them.

date a live spirit pledge beginners guide

The biggest single reason why you need these Infinity Gems is that they allow you to awaken your Spirit’s Angel. Technically, you exchange these Infinity Gems at the store for the appropriate Angel essences. You can also acquire new Date a Live Spirit Pledge Sephiras and even costumes from the Endless Corridor store. (or upcoming banners and events too!)

Most importantly – there’s a low chance of an essence dropping when you clear a stage in Endless Corridor. This means while the Infinity Gems can be used to exchange for big, although limited, amounts of Essences, you can also acquire them just by grinding the Endless Corridor.

How To Level Up Fast In Date a Live Spirit Pledge

In a lot of other gacha games, your main source of progress lies in the side activities but in this Date a Live Spirit Pledge Beginner’s Guide, we highly recommend you do as much story mode as you can since it gives you access to more powerful rewards.

More importantly, each point of stamina spent gets converted to EXP which increases your account level. There’s a lot of gatekeeping in story mode where you end up stuck not because the stages are unbeatable but because your account level is too low.

If you run out of energy, you can get some more from daily rewards and also from the Daily Love Bento but for the most part, you will need to spend some Diamonds to refill your energy. The first time it will cost 25 Diamonds for 60 Energy and afterward, it will cost 50 Diamonds. There’s also a rumor that you can gain more Stamina from Date a Live Spirit Pledge exchange gift feature.

The higher your account level, the more new features and daily activities you will unlock, and thus you will be able to level up fast.

Farm Spirit Shards In Harder Modes ASAP

Aside from Date a Live Spirit Pledge summons in the gacha system, you want to obtain as many Spirit Shards as possible from story mode. Shards help increase the spirit’s rank, which in turn makes it more powerful and gives more Skill points which are used to strengthen your Spirit’s skills.

Every single story Volume has three difficulty levels – Normal, Hard, and Hell mode. While you’re working your way towards clearing all story volumes through Normal mode, at some point you will also unlock each Hard and Hell Mode individually. For example, Volume 2 Yoshino’s Hell Mode gets unlocked after clearing Yoshinos Hard mode and beating Volume 1’s 6th Hell Mode stage.

You must keep an eye when you unlock these new modes because they are your no.1 source of acquiring new Spirit shards. You can tell which Spirit shards you can acquire from the volume itself. For example, you can acquire Date a Live Spirit Pledge Tohka Spirit Shards from Volume 1. The Inverse Tohka is rumored to be found in later stages of Date a Live Spirit Pledge.

date a live spirit pledge beginners guide

This also means that the first few volumes Hard and Hell modes are the easiest to farm the shards from. We recommend for you to farm Yoshino Spirit Shards in Volume 2. She is an excellent spirit that specializes in freezing her enemies and can even deliver decent damage.

Make sure you utilize both the Duel mode and multiply your energy spend. Duel mode can be activated by using Duel Cards. You will increase your chance of getting more rewards since you can only do each stage 3 times per day.

By pressing on the special onigiri button next to the “prepare button” you can choose to spend twice or three times the amount of the required energy to clear the stage and collect multiple rewards at once.

Finally, to do these fast farms some missions star rating will require you to do an entrance skill. What is entrance skill in Date a Live Spirit Pledge? Entrance skill is when you switch between one of your three Spirits during combat. For example, if your main Spirit is Yoshino and during combat, you press on Kurumi spirit, she will enter the battlefield and perform Date a Live Spirit Pledge Entrance Skill.

Plan Ahead Who Will Be Your 3 Main Spirits

There are quite a few moving parts when it comes to increasing your Spirits power which is called BP in the game but the first thing you should focus on is by deciding which 3 spirits you will mainly use in all of your fights. It’s especially important to have 3 equally powerful spirits because of how important it will be for you to progress through the Endless Corridor.

Each spirit is unique and comes with its own pros and cons. Sometimes, you need to make with the best of the worst and if you didn’t summon any S rarity spirits you can instead focus on making spirits like Yoshino stronger, since its quite easy to farm her shards from story mode and you unlock her just by playing the game.

Some spirits will get unlocked later in the story mode and if you don’t want to invest everything you have in the current spirits, stick to just increasing their level.

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