Best Nat 5 Guide 2020 | Calibria Crystal Guardians

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Finding the perfect Nat 5 in Calibria Crystal Guardians is like a fever dream in 2020. It takes a lot of rerolling or playing the game to achieve the desired hero you want. In this guide, we discuss some of the best Nat 5s in Calibria and the best method acquiring them which is by rerolling!

What are the best Nat 5s to reroll for?

First of all, if you’re trying to reroll for the best Nat 5, then make sure to check out our video which covers the easiest and fastest way at acquiring the best Nat 5 for Calibria Crystal Guardians.

Elven Queen

She is a good support unit. Her skills Elven Horn and Elven Protection are really great at supporting your ally heroes.


One of the complaints Dragoon receives from the general player base is that it doesn’t deal enough damage. But since he is a defense unit, you want to build him as tanky as possible. This means his skill like Dragon Breath can CC enemies by stunning them which is really great and makes him a strong survivable unit.

Draconian Princess

She has a crazy high HP and not bad speed aswell. Her Draconic Guardian passive skill can really pay off in the long run.


Medusa is a great jack-of-all-trades hero that can deal nice AoE, great single target damage, and even survive for a while. Her Devouring Poison is really good!

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel has an insanely high ATK stat and can deal with really good burst damage. His basic skill allows him to silence enemies for 2 turns which can prove very useful in certain situations. Absorbing Blade allows him to give himself extra turns. Also, his Leader skill is really amazing because it can increase the whole party’s speed!


Popo knows how to survive and be cute at the same time! He also deals amazing AoE damage so keep that in mind when rerolling for him!

Lich King

The embodiment of evil incarnate. This super cool and hyped hero can clear waves by himself really well and deals amazing damage. His Thunder Storm is really scary!


This sexy vixen knows how to be a good support unit for the evil faction. She is a good mix of support and damage dealing unit.

Abyss Lord

Abyss Lord can counter-attack and is a tanky tank that knows how to handle tough situations. He also has good damage mitigation skills and works well for Arena.

Iron Heart

This is a great hero unit that helps your whole ally team take less damage and is a powerful tank altogether.

Spider Queen

This is an exciting hero that can really help you out if you’re looking for a good Nat 5. Her Arachnid Army is really good because it always has an advantage over enemies. But what she really shines at is the fact that her Leader skill gives 33% increased crit chance and also her Trapping Web third skill is simply amazing. Not only she deals sizeable chunk of damage to all enemies but she also can increase their cooldowns which is massive in certain situations!

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