14 Tips and Tricks For Beginners in Hero Wars

by Gacha Gamer

Hero Wars is an RPG hero collecting game that features many different game modes which for many new players can seem daunting at first so we have prepared Hero Wars beginner’s guide for you today with all the greatest strategy tips and tricks.

1. Create A Goal For One Hero And Follow Through

Even by leveling 5 heroes at the same time can cause trouble and distress and instead it’s better if you pick your one favorite hero and progress as much as possible with him/her. Sometimes, having just one hard-hitting mega hero is better than having 5 weak heroes.

2. Complete Daily Tasks Everyday

Never, ever forget doing daily tasks and this counts for almost any mobile game. Daily tasks are your lifeline in mobile games and this rings especially true in Hero Wars. Do you want to miss out on some awesome rewards? No? I thought so – just do them and win in Hero Wars!

3. Progress As Much As Possible Through The Campaign Missions

Completing each campaign mission as much as possible (that is 3 starring it) will grant you many benefits, one of which includes free emeralds which are your most important resource in Hero Wars. More missions with 3 stars completed = more emeralds.

4. Decide Which Heroes You Want To Invest In

While Hero Wars offers many exciting heroes to unlock and level, its for the best if you first decide to stick with 5 heroes of your choosing. This helps reduce the resource investment in each hero and prevents you from spreading out too thinly. After you start doing Grand Arena, you will need to start focusing on 15 heroes – 5 for each defense lineup in the Grand Arena.

5. Do Arena At Least Once Per Day

By making sure you do arena at least once you will be given free Emeralds from time to time and this is extremely important if you want to progress in the game. I have seen many players who slack off and don’t bother doing arena because they don’t feel prepared yet or just don’t like PvP in general but that is a huge mistake and you’re missing on some serious rewards.

6. Do Tower At Least Once Per Day

Progressing as much as possible in the tower lets you save time and skip more tower floors the following time after tower reset. Make sure to climb it as much as possible and you will even earn some great rewards in the long run!

7. Check Hero Wars Facebook Page Daily

Hero Wars developers are a fun bunch – each day they share on Facebook a new rewards players can claim. For those who are playing this game on Facebook, check out this page, and for those who are on mobile click here.

Facebook players need to click on the post to unlock the rewards, whereas the mobile players will need to examine which mission in the campaign has the secret reward and after completing the mission, you will receive your rewards via the in-game mail system.

8. Watch Ads And Earn Even More Rewards

Some people just can’t stand in-game ads and turn away from them. We have a solution for that. We use BlueStacks Macro Recorder which requires setting up once and then each day it will automate itself and watch ads for you so for 5 minutes you can sit back and relax and do anything you want while you passively earn these rewards. Click Here to Install BlueStacks together with Hero Wars if you still haven’t installed it on PC (for your convenience it comes pre-installed with Hero Wars already – isn’t that great?!)

9. When You Get Stuck, Go Back and Grind Some More

Hero Wars really get tough once you’re in the middle of chapter 2 of the campaign. You will start losing hard and this is where you will need to backtrack your progress and start grinding missions to unlock gear for your heroes and use that gear to promote them. By repeating some of these missions you will also be able to unlock new heroes.

10. Unlock Instant Raids

If you want to increase the speed of progressing in Hero Wars and join others in guild wars and events, make sure to make at least the cheapest purchase in the emerald store to unlock the ability to do Instant Raids in the game which allows you to completely skip a mission and immediately receive its rewards.

11. Don’t Fully Rely on Auto-Battle

In most mobile games, using auto-mode lets you leave the play itself but in Hero Wars you’re going to struggle unless you are a serious Pay 2 win player who has invested a good amount of money into the game.

12. Create or Join a Guild

Guilds open up a new world of Hero Wars in which you fight other guilds and earn guild currency which in turn unlocks for you insane rewards such as unique hero skins or even some heroes themselves. You even get more to redeem from guild currency and this one is a no-brainer if you haven’t joined a guild already.

13. Gather Soul Fragments From Events

Make sure to farm events for Soul Fragments as much as possible. These new shards grant you new heroes unlike other hero collector games, you don’t unlock these heroes by purchasing them randomly but instead use premium event currency as one of the unlock methods.

14. Use BlueStacks To Progress Even Faster In Hero Wars

If you hate getting interrupted in Hero Wars when someone messages you on your phone or when someone keeps spamming and tagging you on Facebook then we have a solution for you – use BlueStacks! BlueStacks is an android emulator that works extremely well and lets you play Hero Wars in a dedicated window so you can watch movies, message together with your friends, and keep your focus on the game without ever closing it. Click here to install BlueStacks with Hero Wars together.

So go out there, collect heroes and crush your enemies. We hope this strategy helps you in your Hero Wars battling and you earn as much emeralds as you can carry!

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